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The Director and Business Leader , Information Technology and Mobile , Samsung Electronics West Africa , Mr. Emmanouil Revmatas, speaks to OZIOMA UBABUKOH on innovations adopted by phone companies to sell their brands, among other issuesissues. 

Last year, there was an upheaval in the mobile phone market concerning the Samsung Galaxy Note 7, which had battery issues at the time. In what ways has Samsung addressed this ?

The Galaxy Note 7 battery issue led to rigorous efforts to improve quality assurance in Samsung. Samsung examined every aspect of the Galaxy Note 7, including hardware, software and related processes over past several months into January 2017. Samsung’s investigation , as well as the investigations completed by three independent industry organisations, concluded that the batteries were the cause of the Galaxy Note 7 incidents . These findings informed more rigorous testing and further enhancement of Samsung’s already extremely high level of quality assurance in the manufacturing process for the Galaxy S8 | S 8 +.

Many have argued that the frequent upgrade of devices is just a business gimmick and has little to do with consumer needs . How will the S 8 device help an individual or a business owner ?

You will agree with me that innovation is at the speed of thought, and as we experience significant technological breakthroughs in a world that has become a global village , thanks to the Internet and social media , consumers continue to demand more and faster improvements too . The average lifecycle of a smartphone is now barely 18 months , so releasing new devices in each series – for example , the Samsung Galaxy S or Note series – every 12 months is just enough to get ready for our customers ’ expectations . Majority of our customers are often ready for the next upgrade within 12 – 18 months . We also need to note that different customers are looking for different features, benefits, and advantages in a smartphone.
The Galaxy S8 | S 8 + will help individuals and business owners multitask and keep more of their files securely . Both devices are perfect for multi – tasking . Users can multitask with ease on the long screen of their phones , chat with friends using the full keyboard , while watching a video. While the multi window feature resizes the whole app window , the snap window feature will display only the selected area so you can refer to it while you are doing any other task .

What are some of the unique features that differentiate Samsung’s flagship smartphone , the Galaxy S 8, from its predecessor, the Galaxy S 7 and S 7 Edge ?

The Galaxy S8 and S 8 + come with the most advanced Samsung technology , pushing the boundaries of traditional smartphones with seamless hardware design and a variety of new service offerings. There are several features in the new devices that have set a new standard for the Samsung Galaxy S series , including the infinity display and bezel – less design . The infinity display and bezel – less design form a smooth , continuous surface with no buttons or harsh angles . The result is a truly immersive viewing experience for the smartphone user . The Galaxy S8 has a 5 . 8 – inch display screen, while the Galaxy S8 + has a 6 . 2 – inch screen.

The Samsung S8 and S8 + are equipped with an advanced 8 MP F1 . 7 smart auto – focus front camera and 12 MP F1 . 7 dual pixel rear camera for the best low- light, zoom and anti -blur photos with enhanced image processing . The camera sensor is refined for better image processing , which enables users to capture photographs and videos . The Galaxy S 8 and S8 + are built with more spacious internal storage that starts at 64GB with an expandable memory that can handle up to 256 GB via microSD card . With the new Samsung Galaxy S8 series , there is definitely more room for everything , from office documents , games, to videos and photos.

Trends in the Information Technology sector are fast – paced . How have companies kept up with new and emerging technologies?

Samsung is an innovation leader in mobile technology . Every year , Samsung spends billions of dollars globally in research and development globally. Samsung spent $ 13. 4 bn in 2014, over $ 14bn in 2015 , and $ 13bn in 2016 .

In order to keep Samsung ’ s market leadership in Nigeria through consistent customer satisfaction , Samsung listens to its target audience through various channels . On – the -ground market research and online/ social media listening are just a few of the various ways Samsung is keeping in touch with its customers ’ needs and pain points. Samsung processes feedback from the field on a daily basis through partners , dealers , trainers, as well as independent reviewers .

The low- end smartphone market is beginning to show some promise , in terms of margins . How committed is your company to this market?

While the majority of our focus is now on the mid – range , high – end , and premium segments of the smartphone market in Nigeria , we still provide value for the low – end smartphone market . It is also important to note that the socio – economic challenges in Nigeria over the last few years, especially with the devaluing of the naira , has also impacted pricing. Nevertheless , we are committed to delivering the best smartphone experience to our consumers across segments .



262′ Inches, the ultimate 4K television with a price tag to match.

Austrian-based C SEED has unveiled a monstrous $539,000 (€490,000) TV that stretches 262 inches (6.65m) diagonally and stands 8.44 feet (2.57m) high.

Dubbed the world’s largest of its kind, the C SEED262 boasts black LED technology that provides a 5,000 to one contrast ratio and is equip with a motorized custom fabric cover that can fold away at the push of a button.


C SEED 262 is 262-in (6.65 m) diagonal length gives it a width of 20.16 ft (6.14) m and height of 8.44 ft (2.57 m).

It has black LED technology that provides a 5,000 to one contrast ratio and ultra-high 800 nits brightness.

The TV includes six or 10 high-end speakers for total quality sound in a 7.1 or 9.1 cinema surround configuration and a motorized custom high-end fabric cover that hides the screen.

The display is designed with black LED technology for higher contrast, includes the latest UHD technology for a really dynamic picture and a color spectrum far beyond conventional TVs, and ultra-high 800 nits brightness for the perfect viewing experience even in bright daylight conditions.

The speakers were developed by L-Acoustics, a French firm known for its quality loudspeakers, amplifiers and signal processing devices.

C Seed also offers full installation, for a $38,500 (€35,000) fee, which is tacked on to the purchase price of $549,000 (€490,000), which would bring the total cost to over half a million dollars.

And ‘effective immediately, the new C SEED 262 is available around the world.


Nigeria’s Billionaire Kidnappers was caught with 2 high tech Phones a Thuraya Phone and a Vertu Phone.

First Up The Thuraya

Thuraya’s are satellite telephones, satellite phone, or satphone is a type of mobile phone that connects to orbiting satellites instead of terrestrial cell sites Making it very difficult to track. They provide similar functionality to terrestrial mobile telephones; voice, short messaging service and low-bandwidth internet access are supported through most systems.

Now the Vertu Phone which costs over $10k for the cheapest model

10. The Phone Is Made Of Gold & Its Screen Is Very Durable

Not Only Is The Phone Made With Gold, If the phone ever hits the floor, it will surely survive the impact. Because Its 4.7-inch touchscreen is coated with a pricey sheet of sapphire crystal glass, making it nearly impossible to scratch. It can take anything short of a diamond to the screen and remain unscathed,.

24/7 Hours Customer Care Service

Unlike the iphones siri, The Signature Touch’s Concierge Assistant service is what sets it apart from other phones. It’s free for the first year, then costs $3,000 a year. Concierge makes the phone more like an American Express Black Card or a diplomatic passport. It works like this: You request (legal and somewhat reasonable) things via the Concierge app, and then a real, live person makes them happen. You basically have a personal assistant on call at all times. A little button on the side of the phone fires up the Concierge app directly. The assistant who helped me was Celine. She was great.


8. It Has A Very Pleasant Odor.
The Vertu Signature Touch is easily the best-smelling phone I’ve ever used. The “Claret Calf” version I tested had a stitched calfskin backing on it that emitted a rich, intoxicating leathery scent. I didn’t get any nose-on time with the lizard- and alligator-skin backings, so I can’t speak to their olfactory qualities.
7. Best Ever handfeel.

All phones should feel as good in the hand as the Vertu Signature Touch. At least twice, my eyes rolled back into my head due to the overwhelmingly pleasant combination of the raised seam running down the back of the phone, the cool touch of the titanium edges, and the satisfyingly hefty 6.77-ounce weight of the device. That’s almost twice the weight of the iPhone 5S. Remember when phones weren’t ridiculously light? This one makes a case for them beefing back up a bit. The best part is the way the heavier build feels with the stronger-than-most haptic feedback from its touchscreen. There’s a deeper, machine-like kick to it that other phones don’t have. So nice.

6. Materials And Build Quality.

The materials used in the Vertu Signature Touch are appropriately expensive: Strong and durable titanium, a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal screen, a back cloaked in premium animal hide, and a ceramic “pillow” around the earpiece of the handset. All of this accounts for some of its exorbitant price. Even its SIM-card holder has flourish: You fold out a little handle on the back of the phone, twist it, and pop open a swinging door. The underside of that door is signed with an etching by its builder; each phone is assembled by a single person from soup to nuts in Vertu’s factory in England. The one I tested was built by someone named C. Davis, and he (or she) did a good job. It would have made me feel worse if I’d dropped it.

5. Luxe ‘Tones And Speakers.

When you turn the phone on, your ears are treated to a dope flute riff recorded by the London Symphony Orchestra. Every time you receive an incoming message, you hear another sick flute mini-jam mixed in with some bird noises. This phone has top-shelf ‘tones, all recorded by the LSO. The front-firing speakers are also noticeably good, sounding much louder and brighter than most phone speakers. That said, the low-end has no punch. The next version should have a huge subwoofer or a man that follows you around with an 808 machine.

4. Blackphone-like security. 

If you really value your privacy, rest assured that the Signature Touch is able to keep your text messages and phone conversations (but not your emails) on lockdown. The Signature Touch comes with voice, video-chat, and text encryption powered by Silent Circle. Just keep in mind that the recipient of the messages must also be running the company’s Silent Phone or Silent Text app to get the full end-to-end encryption. The Silent Circle features are only free for the first year, and you need to register your phone with them.


3. The Screen. 

The Vertu Signature Touch’s 1080p display has a pixel density of 473ppi, and it looks great. The pixels are packed in even tighter than phones like the Google Nexus 5(445ppi), HTC One M8 (441ppi), and Samsung Galaxy S5(432ppi), but you’d need better eyesight than mine to see a huge difference. It’s a tack-sharp, high-quality screen, but if you were expecting to see holograms and IMAX and money blasting out of its 4.7-inch display, no dice. The size and resolution is wonderful in landscape mode when typing and watching movies. It felt a bit too skinny and long when I typed in portrait mode. Installing SwiftKey helped, just like it does on a normal phone.
2. Up-to-date OS and features. 

Believe it or not, previous versions of Vertu’s phones were an even tougher sell, as they didn’t have state-of-the-moment components or operating systems. That’s not a problem with this phone, as the new Signature Touch packs Android 4.4.2 KitKat, a 2.3GHz quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 CPU, and 2 gigs of RAM. You also get NFC, support for 4G networks across the globe, and Google Now voice-assistant features. The combination of all those things puts the Signature Touch among the current wave of high-end Android phones. At this moment in time, any potential buyer will not be left wanting for speeds and feeds. Then again, this is a $10,300 phone we’re talking about. You should get Android 9.7 Zabaglione and a freon-cooled processor with like a zillion cores.
1. A Very Good Camera.

The Signature Touch’s 13-megapixel camera is also solid, with performance that matched up well to some of the better smartphone cameras I’ve used. Low-light performance is good for a phone—using HDR mode or adjusting its ISO settings manually helps—and the interface was developed in a partnership with Hasselblad. There are some scene modes in the mix, exposure-compensation settings, and white-balance adjustments, too. Is the camera good? Yes.


WhatsApp, the magnificent app Facebook bought for $19billion (£12 billion), is used by more than 900 million people around the world and has become one of the best ways to connect with people in different countries or have group conversations.

Unlike the way it is with test messaging, WhatsApp uses a data connection, which mean sending a message is essentially free, especially for those with unlimited data plans.

While the app is reasonably simple, there are features many users haven’s discovered yet!

These are the top nine “hidden” features in WhatsApp that everyone should know about and use.

1. See how many messages you and your friends have sent to each other.

To find out whom you communicate with most on WhatsApp, go to Settings > Account > Network Usage.

A number appears next to each contact that represents the total number of messages sent back and forth. Selecting a person reveals more information, including how many messages have been sent by whom.

2. Mute group chats.

Group-chat notifications — especially in a big group — can become annoying, particularly if you aren’t involved in the conversation. While muting group chat may seem drastic, sometimes these things have to be done.

Go to the group chat in question, click on its name and select “mute,” where you will be presented with three options: eight hours, a week, and a year.

3. Hide your “last seen” time.

Hiding your “last seen” time is a useful feature if you don’t want people to know when you last checked into WhatsApp.

To switch it off, head to settings > Account > Privacy > Last seen. From here, you can select who gets to view your “last seen” time.

The feature does come with a trade-off: You won’t be able to see anyone else’s “last seen” time either.

4. Change your WhatsApp number if you switch phone numbers.

Setting up WhatsApp and then changing phones can be a pain. The service is not linked to your actual phone number, just the first number you enter and verify. This “number” will then follow you onto your next phone, creating confusion for everyone.

If you get a new number, you can change your WhatsApp number quite easily by going to Settings > Account > Change Number and following the steps from there.

5. Create custom group-chat notifications.

An alternative to muting group chat is having different notifications for each one, allowing you to check your phone only for the important ones.

As with the muting feature, head to the chat, click the name and go to “Custom Notifications”, where a different sound can be selected.

6. Stop photos from being saved to the camera roll.

Phone storage space is a precious thing, and WhatsApp can consume a lot of it.

To prevent this, head to Settings > Privacy > Photos and then un-select WhatsApp from the list, banning the app from saving new pictures to the camera roll. Pictures do still download, however, so you won’t be missing out.

N.B: This feature applies to Apple users mainly

7. See when someone has read your message.

Checking when someone read your message is useful for all kinds of reasons, especially in a group-chat setting.

To check, select the message and drag it left, revealing the time it was delivered and the time it was read. In a group chat, a list of whom the message has been delivered to and who has read it shows instead.

N.B: If you uncheck Read Receipts to prevent people from seeing when you have read their messages, you also won’t be able to see when other people have read your messages (explained next).

8. You can switch off Read Receipts.

Reading someone’s messages without replying is, in 2015, considered the height of bad digital etiquette. Luckily, WhatsApp can help.

By going to Settings > Account > Privacy and switching off Read Receipts, your friends will never know that you are ignoring them.

9. You can access WhatsApp on the web.

WhatsApp web, accessed via, brings the phone experience to your computer and is available in all major browsers.

To access it, go to the website and scan the QR Code with the WhatsApp app and you will be logged in. From here you can start, continue and end conversations with all the usual features that are in the app.

Culled from The Independent.