Download Video!! How A Man Was Raped By 2 Women In South Africa

​The three women alleged to have raped a man in Hluhluwe, south Africa were released on bail on Tuesday.

National Prosecuting Authority regional spokeswoman, Natasha Ramkisson-Kara, said the women received bail of R1 000 (N23,000) each.

The matter, heard in the Hluhluwe Magistrate’s Court, was postponed until October 25 for further investigation.

The three were arrested after a video of the man, who was allegedly sexually assaulted by the women, went viral on social media.

The man said what happened had left him very angry and he would not be able to forgive the women.

He said he had known the women growing up.

He alleged that one of them had called him over to fix an electrical fault. When he arrived at the home he saw another woman in the room but paid no attention to her.

Another woman appeared from behind the door and they allegedly attacked and filmed the incident.

The women were arrested the same day.,

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4 thoughts on “Download Video!! How A Man Was Raped By 2 Women In South Africa”

  1. I don’t believe he was raped. Looks like he wasn’t making an effort to get away, and he’s suppose to be a man with those teensy Lil girls?? Plus his manhood looked at attention to me. I think he was getting a kick out of it with those young girls but feel ashamed it was being seened by thousands. But I wanna know did he ejaculate???????


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