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Don’t know how true this is, but as shared by an Imo state based lawyer, Kissinger Ikeokwu, he claims to have gotten t he true account of the robbery that happened at Zenith Bank, Owerri, which left brave policeman, Sergeant Iboko dead.

“Those who blame the officer for running out got it wrong. I got the true account from an anonymous witness and feel I should share it since he cannot by reason of his office. When the robbers approached the bank, three policemen were in the small security house. They displayed gallantry by shooting and blasting the car windows, but the robbers still emerged from he car unhurt in what many have described as “Odoeshi”. The robber in blue who shot the officer dead moved tactically to the small window at the back side the ran towards them. He sprayed them with bullets killing one instantly and severely injuring the officer who today lost his one eye. The gallant Iboko was the man the robbers bullet didnt touch and he took cover lying low and kept his calm. Confident that he had finished the officers who took cover at the small security post, the robber on blue decided to enter and finish them. It was then that Iboko who had taken cover having seen his men in the pool of their blood decided to either act. Sensing the invisibility of the robbers, Iboko was reported to have deepen his gun nussle into the blood of his colleagues and that proved vital in neutralizing the suppossed odoeshi. Immediately the robber on blue who had sprayed them with bullets from the back window approached the door, Iboko took him out. Having shot and proved he was alive, Iboko knew he must flee or wait for the robbers who didn’t fear bullets now come for him. He made the deft move with just 20% chance of escaping. He ran towards the back of the bank building through the left flank.but he couldn’t run too far as he fell to bullet wounds. Upon his falling the other robber he had a face to face close range shootout with now came towards him and rained bullets on him, but Iboko’s four colleagues at the back gave him backup…… that backup was bullets from the far end of the backyard that made the killer of Iboko retreat and run to their car in a hurry. Iboko died later of his wounds. Seven policemen were on duty on that very day at the Bank wetheral Branch. 3 lost their life including iboko. One survived with injuries. 3 escaped unhurt and told the story you read hereby. The survivors were at the back yard and they reinforced Iboko giving him cover when he fell. Their bullets made the rubbers retreat in a hurry and not pick the guns of the slain officers. Their reinforcement made the robbers abandon their colleague through whom Police got the clues that ultimately led to the arrest and water loo of the robbers. Iboko took cover lying low with a dead colleague and one whose eyes was shattered by the same man he killled. He killed same man when he came tru the door but lost I trying to run after exposing his cover.



Punch Newspaper have set up a Gofundme Page To Help Sergeant Chukwudi Iboko’s widow and kids

This fund is set up to help the widow and six children of Sergeant Chukwudi Iboko, a brave Nigerian policeman who fought valiantly against a gang of armed robbers which invaded a bank in Owerri, South East Nigeria in February 2017. He died from gunshot injuries a day after the incident.

Sergeant Iboko’s exploits and bravery are documented in a CCTV video of the incident which went viral on the Internet, four months after the robbery.



Mrs. Rose Iboko, the wife of late valiant cop Sergeant Chukwudi Iboko, captured in a shootout with armed robbers in the viral Zenith bank robbery video has revealed that after she lost her husband in the tragic attack, one of her triplets slumped and died when he saw his father’s corpse.

Punch’s reporter, Chidiebube Okeoma, went to Amakohia in the Ihitte Uboma Local Government Area of the state, where the 32 year old widow resides with her seven children for an interview.

He revealed that Mrs Iboko broke down in tears when the incident leading to the death of her husband became the discourse.

Her grief is palpable. One only needs to cast a glance at Mrs. Rose Iboko to decipher that the anguish of losing her husband has taken a toll on her.

As she narrated how life took a turn for the worst for her and her seven kids after the death of her husband, she constantly wiped her tears with the back of her hand so her kids would not notice her distraught state.

Her first son, Favour, who is 16, cried profusely when asked the last time he spoke with his father before his death.

He said amid sobs, “I spoke with daddy two days before his death. He died on Thursday, but had promised to come home for the weekend. He promised to give me money for some textbooks I needed once he arrived. But he couldn’t fulfill his promise as he died two days to the day he promised to come home.’’

Here are excerpts from Mrs Rose Iboko’s interview with Punch:

I am Mrs. Rose Iboko, wife of the late Sergeant Chukwudi Iboko, the policeman who died as a result of the gunshot injuries he sustained in a shootout with armed robbers at the Wetheral Road branch of Zenith Bank on February 22, 2017.

We are from Etitiulo community in the Bende Local Government Area of Abia State, but we live in Amakohia in Ihitte Uboma Local Government Area of Imo State. I am 32 years old.

My late husband was from the same community with me. I am a housewife, while my husband was the breadwinner. I was only taking care of the home and our kids.

When did he die?

He died the next day after the incident on Thursday. Before I could arrive in Mopol 18 office in Owerri, my husband was already dead. It was in the office of the officer in charge of the unit that I was told that my husband was dead.

I was, however, not allowed to see his corpse. I was only able to see his corpse for the first time during his burial in the village when his remains were laid to rest. That was almost one month after his death. He was 37 years old.

When did you see him last and what did you discuss?

I saw my husband last, four days before his death. It was on February 19. He came home for the weekend to inform his children and I that he had got a new posting to work as a security officer in a bank. I never thought that it would be the last time we would see, talk and hold each other.

He also told his children that he would be visiting the next weekend to bring them foodstuff and money for the upkeep of the family, especially for their textbooks.

He was just three days old in the bank before the robbery which claimed his life. He resumed at the bank on Monday, the bank robbery took place on Wednesday, and he died on Thursday before I could even arrive in Owerri.

Were you aware that he sacrificed his life to save that of others on the premises of the bank that day?

Yes, I am very aware. I was not surprised that he confronted them because he was a combatant, committed and patriotic cop. My only regret was that his death was untimely, leaving me to cater for our children alone. He was in Yobe State for a special mission during the upsurge of Boko Haram attacks in the North.

He was also on special missions in Kano and Plateau states and he fought gallantly. One thing about him was that he was committed to his job. He loved his job and derived joy in saving lives.

What did you do when you learnt of his demise?

It was one of his colleagues who called me on a Thursday morning to tell me that my husband was shot by armed robbers the previous day. I don’t know the person but he spoke to me in a manner that suggested that all was not well.

He didn’t tell me that my husband was dead. He only informed me that my husband was shot by armed robbers a day before that day.

It was when I arrived in Mopol 18 that I was told that my husband, whom I spoke with on the phone on Tuesday prior to that day, was dead. I couldn’t believe it. I told them to stop the joke but they insisted that he was dead.

It was as if my world had crumbled. Several thoughts came to my mind within a few minutes: “Where do I begin? How do I explain what happened to him to his children, especially our last child, Success, who was fond of him? Where do I go from here?”

What do you tell the children anytime they ask after their father?

I have eight children for him; seven boys and a girl, Success, who I earlier said is the last born. We have triplets; all boys, but sadly, one of them, Chukwuebuka slumped and died the day their father’s remains were to be interred. He slumped immediately he saw his dad’s corpse during his lying-in-state and died.

It was a double tragedy for my family that day. He was very close to his father.

Despite being just five years, he couldn’t bear the loss of his loving father. Most of my children know that their father is dead, only the young ones are yet to comprehend what happened.

I keep telling those ones anytime they ask after him that he is on a special assignment and would be back soon. But each time I lie to them, I would go into the room and weep profusely because when they ask for his whereabouts, I also recall the great moments we shared.

How have you been coping with the kids without their father?

It has been hell for me since he died. The children dropped out of school because I could no longer pay their school fees. I don’t work, I am a house wife. His sudden death was an agonising loss to my family. To eat is now a problem. Most times, we don’t eat and when we eat, it is half food. Last night (Friday), we took groundnuts as dinner. It has been very difficult for us. We now live from hand to mouth. We always go to bed hungry without knowing where the next meal will come from.

Has the Nigeria Police Force reached out to you to support your family?

Not at all. They only came for his burial in the village on Friday, March 17, 2017. I am now left with my children alone.

Source – Punchng.com


The police officer who survived the armed robbery attack at Zenith Bank on February 22, 2017, at the ever busy Wetheral Road, Owerri, Imo State, Sergeant Otu Attang, has cried out to public spirited individuals and organizations to come to his assistance and not allow him die in his pathetic condition.

The viral video footage of the armed robbery attack on the bank where a bank customer was said to have been robbed N2.5M, leading to a gun battle between the police officers attached to the bank, had gone viral on the internet on Thursday, June 8, 2017. The attack left one of the armed robbers dead by the gallant police officers, while two others that escaped were later arrested by the Imo State Police Command.

Ifeanyicy.com gathered that one of the police officers, Sergeant Chukwudi Iboko, from Abia State, who displayed uncommon gallantry, going by the CCTV footage, died around 4am of 23 February 2017, while the second officer who also sustained severe injuries died at about the hours of 3pm on 23 February 2017.

Speaking with the sole survivor of the armed robbery attack, Sergeant Otu Attang, during an exclusive interview with the blogger in Owerri on Saturday(today), the embattled policeman said he was the first victim to get a gunshot from the armed robbers when they entered the bank premises, saying that the gunshot hit him in the eye and he lost his right eye.

According to the heroic sergeant who lives in a decrepit batcher with his family of three in Owerri, the three police officers: Sergeant Chukwudi Iboko (from Abia State), Sergeant Sunday Agbo (Benue State), and himself, Sergeant Otu Attang (from Akwa-Ibom State), were critically injured as they sustained gunshot wounds from the attack.

He disclosed that they were rushed to the Federal Medical Center (FMC) Owerri, where one of them, Sergeant Chuwkudi Iboko, gave up the ghost at about 4am on 23 February, 2017.

He said that the two of them were therefore transferred to the Police Clinic in the early hours of February 23, 2017, even as the second officer, Sergeant Sunday Agbo, from Benue State, gave up the ghost at the Police Clinic at about 3pm same day.

He further disclosed that Zenith Bank provided N400,000 for their treatment while they were at the FMC Owerri, and another N200,000 for their treatment while they were at the Police Clinic, saying that thereafter he has been left to cater for himself and family with a meager salary.

“Iboko died by 4am on February 23 and we were transferred to the Police Clinic by Shell Camp, Owerri. Sunday Agbo died same day at about 3pm while we were at the Police Clinic.

“I underwent a lot of X-rays and surgeries, and it was discovered that I need to undergo eye surgery. I had my eye surgery at Mercy Hospital, Orji, and I was on clutches for a month and three weeks as my left leg was badly battered by bullets. I also went through a surgery to repair my feet at my own cost”, he said.

He also disclosed that the doctors said he still has bullets in his head, down to his jaw, saying that he needs about N3M for the recommended surgeries on his skull and further treatment on his eyes. He said that even though he had undergone eye surgery he still needs treatment for his eyes, as he now wears artificial eye.

Asked why he left the Police Clinic, he said that while he was at the clinic he was fending for himself, except for the day the former CP and now AIG Taiwo Lakanu intervened and accepted to pay the N20,000 daily charge, leaving him to pay for his medications and other expenses.

He also said that when he was to do his eye surgery, he was told to pay additional N20,000 to the Police Clinic for using the clinic’s theater while paying N40,000 for the surgery, pointing out that that was outside paying for medications and the eye glasses. He said the cost of his treatment was too much for him.

He said the unbearable cost of his treatment forced him to go to Mercy Hospital, Orji, which he said is a medical consultant to the police, and got it cheaper. He added that it was his aunty that provided the money for the eye surgery because his children were scared of his battered eye.

He also lamented that the former CP who is now AIG Lakanu had visited them at the FMC on the day of the incident and told them he had spoken with the IGP who ordered their names be recommended for promotion because of their gallantry.

He regretted that even though his colleagues had died, he has not heard anything about the promotion, since he is the only survivor. He wondered why his promotion as promised cannot be effected, even when he has been permanently disabled and lost his eye in his selfless service to the police and the fatherland.

According to him, all efforts to resolve the matter since Lakanu left Imo State Police Command has not worked, saying that a high rank officer whom he was referred to by AIG Lakanu said it was not his duty to recommend people for promotion.

He also said that his efforts to get the management of Zenith Bank at Wetheral Road where they were attacked by the armed robbers has yielded no result, as he has been told to thank God he did not die, and that the management did not have the power to authorize such expenditure.

Sergeant Otu Attang therefore calls on well-meaning individuals and organizations to come to his aide so that he can undergo the skull surgery as recommended by a consultant neuro-surgeon.

Source: IfeanyiCy Njoku

My dear people of God, how do we assist this man and the widow left behind by the courageous sergent Chukwudi Iboko since she has been found.

Apparently Nigerian police and Zenith bank have failed these ones by abandoning them to their fate but we can’t leave them like that.

I know very well that my special friends and followers can contribute something which I will supervise for the policeman in distress and the widow left behind by that courageous young man.

Already, the blogger that discovered them this afternoon told me that one Malaysian based Nigerian man has wired 500,000 to the widow of Chukwudi Iboko but we can do more.

I can travel to Owerri next week on my cost to meet them before we start any fund raising but before then how we assist them?


The most talked about event this week is a three-minute video of a bank robbery in Owerri, the Imo state capital after it was shared online. See the Owerri bank robbery video here.

Many folks online have been asking about the welfare of The hero in the video—thepoliceman who gunned down one of the robbers.

It is sad to report to you that the brave officer who engaged the robbers died in April.. He has been identified as Sergeant Chukwudi Iboko.

The spokesperson for the Imo State police command, Andrew Enwerem revealed to PUNCH that the brave sergeant died while he was in intensive care in April, that is two months after he engaged the robbers in a gun battle in February.

Andrew revealed that two other policemen were also present in the security post during the shootout and they sustained gunshot injuries.

“They were in intensive care for up to two months. The two survived but Iboko died. He was a sergeant and mobile policeman,” Enwerem said.

May his soul rest in perfect peace. Amen.


A four-man armed robbery gang on Wednesday, February, 22, stormed Zenith Bank branch along Wetheral road Owerri, Imo state capital, injuring three police men and five bank customers. One of the armed robbers (pictured on the ground) was gunned down. However, reports by eyewitnesses said three people died in the attack.

According to Ifeanyi Njoku, it gathered that the four armed robbery gang arrived the bank with an ash colour Toyota Camry. Eyewitnesses were skeptical about the success of the gang in carting away money as action of policemen attached to the bank who swiftly responded by gunning down one of the gang foiled the successful operation by the robbers.

The Spokesperson of the Imo State Police Command, Mr Andrew Enwerem, who confirmed the incident, said that security operatives arrived at about 1510hrs, on getting a distress call that the bank was under attack.

The command were said to have mobilised their men, a combined team of Police led by the Commissioner of Police, CP Taiwo Lakanu, and other detectives to the scene that prevented the armed robbers from stealing money.

“On Arrival, the operatives engaged the four armed robbers that arrived the bank with an ash colour Toyota Camry in a shoot out. At the end of the shoot out, three Police men sustained various degrees of gun shot injuries”. the PPRO said.

“One of the armed robbers was shot dead and one AK47 Rifle with 100 rds of Ammunition that was earlier snatched from a policeman on 24/11/2016 was recovered from the dead armed robber with three magazines.” he added.

“Other robbers escaped with serious gun shot injuries and the wounded Policemen are receiving treatment in the hospital. Police operatives is intensifying patrols for the arrest of the fleeing robbers. The robbers could not gain entrance into the banking hall following the swift response of Police operatives”. he concluded.


                    MORE UPDATE

The video of the robbery attack on Wednesday, February 23, 2017, at Zenith Bank, Owerri, Imo state, that left 5 people dead and several injured, has been released. .

The robbers had trailed a customer who came in to deposit a huge sum of money to the Zenith bank branch located along Wetheral Road, opposite Dan Anyiam Stadium in the city. .

Out of the five people who lost their lives was one of the robbers, 3 bank security agents and the customer who was trailed to the bank, seven other people were injured in the crossfire. The kingpin Justice Ogbonna, aka, JJ, was later arrested during his father’s burial, alongside the driver, Okechukwu Onwuamaegbu.


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