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Man caught stealing yam tubers at Onitsha main market, Anambra State, made to use one of the tubers as pendant.

Crdt: M. Gembu

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Charles Oyaebugha Mutu Probably his wife and kids were very hungry he may have tried all he could to get them food , i don’t blame him but our government , 1984 is constantly repeating itself , beating petty thieves isn’t always d best , if i was there i would have given him some money after asking him what led him to steal common yam. Nigerians pls have pity on fellow human.

Jade Osa Hmmmmm! So this kind of thing happen there, too? Na wa ooo! I thought they only have saints and angels in that region seeing the way some people attack other tribes when their short-comings are reveals. Hmmmm . Everybody kwenu!🚶🚶🚶


A teenage ‘thief’ may be forever humiliated after a tattoo artist caught him and inked his forehead with ‘I am a thief’.

The artist, Maycon Wesley from Brazil, cornered the teen – who had allegedly stolen a bicycle from a man with just one leg – sat him on a chair and filmed scribbling the damning words on his forehead.

The full words, written in Portuguese are: Eu sou ladrão e vacilão, which translates to ‘I am a thief and a loser’.

After inking him, he then cheekily asks if the embarrassed teenager liked it.

Local reports say that the boy – who seemed terrified while the artists drew on his head – went missing after the incident, which happened on Friday.

His family then saw the video of the inking which has been widely circulated online and reported the artists to the police.

Police arrested Wesley and his friend, Ronildo Moreira de Araujo – whose voice can be heard in the video – on Saturday and charged them with torture.

Both Wesley and Araujo say they released the boy but do not know his whereabouts.


According to facebook user Merit Uruaku Onyeochawho lives in Port Harcourt 2 thieves have just been caught stealing generators;

Forgot to post this in the morning.

The security guys in my neighbourhood caught these guys this early morning along seaside road. Affter stealing two generators (I pass my neighbour to be precise) and I bike (okada) from their neighbours in Ogoni Camp Umuebulu 1.

Actually the guy on short just came back from prison and now look at him in another mess.

They will not go and rest.


We have received reports concerning a young and vibrant Unilag Student, Ariyibi Ayomide who committed suicide by drinking sniper after she was allegedly set up.

Apparently, some belongings belonging to her colleagues in the same hostel where she resides were missing, and then she was fingered…. They searched her bag, only to find the items in her bags.. She was disgraced by other students in the school.

Ayomide then called her mum, a staff of the university, who later came to settle the matter.. Her mother paid N2,000, the value of what was found in her bags.. The mother then instructed Ayo to pack her stuffs home, which she did… She was “disgraced” while on her way home, as she couldn’t hold her heads up high.

Ayo arrived home, with her mom returning to work, only for Ayomide to drink sniper. A very poisonous substance.

Ayo was rushed to the hospital where she later died.

She was a 100-level student of Unilag from the faculty of business administration in department of Employee Relations and Human Resources Management (ER & HRM).

Read the Full Story Below:

An incident happened in her room (Amina Hostel) which involved the missing of belongings (which includes make up and clothes) of another girl in d same room. On Thursday, some of the belongings of the fellow room mate was found in Ayomide’s bag (scattered in three different bags – make up in one of of her bag, clothes in another bag and clothes in another bag making 3 of Ayomide’s bag).

As a result the roommates disgraced Ayo and called her many names (relating to a thief) and disgraced her publicly. Ayomide called her mum and her mum came down next day (Friday) to settle the issue. The make up was valued at #2000 in which Her mum paid. After that, her mum told her to pack her bags and follow her home which she did but as she was going the room mates shouted on her and called her so many names.

Her mum took her home and went back to work (her mum is a unilag staff). Ayomide was the only one left at home when she took sniper in the afternoon. Her mum came back in the evening and saw her child in a critical state. So she asked what happened to her; Ayomide just stretched her hand to do bottle of the sniper she took.

Immediately her mum gave her palm oil but results were not forthcoming. So she rushed her to a medical centre at ebute metta, still results were not favourable, she was then taken to Luth (Medilag).

Ayo gave up in LUTH around after 7 yesterday.

That’s d sad story



In April, 2016 (Read Here), while allegedly trying to steal a phone through someone’s window, in Sapele, Delta state, the occupant of the room sighted him and cut off his right hand. He was later treated in a hospital. Almost a year after, he was caught stealing again, and mercilessly beaten.


The Operatives of Rapid Response Squad, RRS, of the Lagos State Police Command have arrested a 35-year-old man, Abiola Hamzat, for allegedly stealing 20 bags of cement from a brick-making company in the Agbado area of the state.

The suspect, a graduate of Ladoke Akintola University of Technology, was arrested alongside his accomplice, Adebayo Kazeem, 32, after stealing the items from their work place, the police said in a statement on Sunday.

Mr. Hamzat, a father of three, allegedly stole the bags of cement from the company a day after he was promoted to the post of a supervisor with a financial reward of N215,000 per month.

The police said the suspect started work at the factory as a Contract Security from where he rose to become an operator.

“However, he was formally promoted three days ago to the post of a Supervisor, when the company’s management discovered that he was a university graduate,” the police quoted a source as saying.

Messrs. Hamzat and Kazeem were arrested last Thursday after allegedly moving the 20 bags of cement out of the factory.

The police said Mr. Hamzat admitted to being the mastermind of the crime.

“I masterminded the crime but I only co-opted Adebayo into the plan,” Mr. Hamzat stated in his confessional statement at the RRS headquarters.

“Initially, Adebayo discouraged me that it was not possible to steal cement at the company. After so much pressure, he told me to carry the gateman along in order to be successful which I eventually yielded to.

“I had an accommodation problem with my family. I was desperately looking for funds to house them. That was what pushed me into it.”

The police said Mr. Hamzat’s new salary as a supervisor is thrice what he earned as an operator.

While confirming the arrest, the spokesperson for Lagos State Police Command, Dolapo Badmus, advised companies operating in the state to be vigilant at all times.

The suspects have been transferred to the State Criminal Investigative Department, SCID, Yaba for prosecution.

Lady Caugdy Caught Stealing Chicken, Beaten and Stripped With The Chicken Tied On Her Back (See Photos)

A young lady who was allegedly caught in the act stealing a fowl, has been given the embarrassment of a lifetime for indulging in the act. This is the shocking moment a young lady was paraded stark n*ked around a Cross Rivers town. She was allegedly caught stealing a fowl and was given the embarrassment of her life for committing the said offence. This story was shared today by Obong from Ekparakwa in Cross Rivers State.

Below is what he shared: ‘Its so sad for me to post this but I have no choice than to post it for others to learn from it. “For some of us travelling home this Christmas time I know things are hard and the cost of chicken is so expensive but please instead of stealing it you better beg the owner for it. Or better still eat from your neighbour.

“This young girl is from my neighboring community, she has been coming to my community to steal chicken in one poultry farm where the owner of the farm does not use to sleep there, and the owner knowing that his chicken has been missing decided to be sleeping in his farm. “Unfortunately for the girl this time she was caught and couldn’t run away again as she use to. “Today is Christmas Eve hoping to fry the chicken tomorrow Christmas”

See How This Guy Was Beaten For Stealing A Phone In Warri – Delta State

A young Nigerian young man identified as Kosi almost lost his life today after he was caught with a Nokia torchlight phone he allegedly stole from a young lady.

This incident happened in one of the local streets in Warri, Nigeria. According to reports, Kosi forcefully collected the phone from the young lady and immediately ran away. The young lady who never hesitated started screaming “Thief, Thief” and this drew the attention of others nearby.

After few minutes of pursuit, Kosi was caught and he received the beating of his life. He was later handed over the the police. 

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