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Such an amazing story. The man pictured above is 87 years old. He was married to his first wife for many years without having a child. The wife died sometime last year and he got married to a much younger lady who just gave birth to his first child, a beautiful girl. Congrats to him!

But Bad Belle Nigerians are calling for DNA Test.. see some comments below;

Malachy Evalistus Never give up… Congratulations sir.. Life is all about patient.. You can’t judge the day by the atmosphere in the morning.. With God all things are possible..

Magreth Kusekwa He is a real man Hahaaa 87 yrs and still he can shoot that bullet and succeed…he deserve a big hug….congrats papa…God is good all the time

Ernest Nwa’chinemere Njoku You sure say na the man shoot that shot inside her?! #DNA Test needed

Myke D Trillioinaire Gossip Mill una 4get d usual saying #2 will shock you , or #3 is a must see. I won’t open the link because the bby is not a must see . You should hv told us d bby is a must see or d bby will shock us.Abi na wah 4 una o .. #DNA is needed.

Eli Za Beth That is what you get, when you never loose hope on God. Congratulations. 👋👏 I also use him as a point of contact to reach out to those looking for baby you shall carry your own baby ijn. Never give up. Miracle is on the way.

Castro Kwame Sometimes I asked myself a question whether we as Africans have brains so you ignorance are happy for this old man having a baby have u people asked yourself can this man lived longer to take care of the child even from 40 years going to give birth is not good is not good for our health and the babies of course

Flourish Nourish For all the doubting Thomas don’t forget that GOD is still on his miracle business, He is the GOD of signs and wonders.

I celebrate with you sir congratulations.

James Alith Majok DNA confirmation first. Today world is crazy and the old man need to be told that.


The child was obviously placed on a crucifix cross to recreate the crucifixion of Christ and this action has caused a serious stir online with many saying the person / people who did it should be punished .

The child can obviously be seen in tears … there’ s no scenery of Christ’ s crucifixion here… just torture and child abuse .. # sigh