A nigerian lady named Stephen Rosemary has just taken to facebook to send a message to all her fellow ladies, well according to her if your boyfriend is not a member of the Norseman Confraternity then you are still single

If ur boyfrnd is not a Norseman,my dear u are single.😘😘

De Norsemen Kclub of Nigeria is a Nigerian confraternity, founded at University of Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria by students with the nicknames of “Risenangel De Chamelus” “Fons et Origo”, “Captain Trupence Njamena” and “Eric the Red”. The group was founded in 1985 and registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) of Nigeria as a social charity


A Nigerian lady simply identified as Adebimpe Daniells is making rounds online after she news of her topping her graduating set in the United States were reported.

Bimpe graduated from the Rutgers University-Newark USA, topping the 2017 Graduating set with a First Class in Information System. Online reports has it that she finished as the overall best student in the 2017 graduating set at the New Jersey University.


There’s a kind of virtual war going on across all social media platforms available to Nigerians, especially on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. It began after a guy on Facebook called Ben Victor, who also owns a Facebook group called Ila Otu, shared a request on his wall from one of his readers.

Ben posted that the reader who has been abroad for a while and recently returned to Nigeria is suspicious that his wife might not have been faithful to him all the years he’s been away and as such, he wants to carry out a DNA test on all his kids to ascertain their paternity and he was asking to be referred to a good hospital. When the post was shared, it rubbed a few people the wrong way because they felt he had no right to conduct a DNA test without his wife’s knowledge, especially considering that he left her lonely for years and he was most likely not 100% faithful to her while he was away.

Soon after he shared the post, Ben got a threat from a female reader who cautioned him against bringing up the DNA test issue and warned him that he was going to destroy a lot of marriages if he continues advising men to test their kids. This led to a lot of arguments; some in support of men taking all their kids for DNA test because a lot of women are no longer faithful. There were those who were against the test and the drama has been going on since last night till now.

The originator of the DNA drama received a lot of antagonisms and his group, Ila Otu, was reported to Facebook and has now been taken down.

Meanwhile, one particular post arguing against the DNA test is from a Facebook user called Mama Denzel. She wrote that if a man requests to carry out a DNA test on your kids and you know he isn’t their father, the next course of action should be to kill him. Another user wrote that it is illegal to conduct a DNA paternity test on your child/children without the consent of your partner according to the Human tissue act of 2004 (UK).

She has currently changed her name to Missis Somebori


Dear women, if your hubby asks for a DNA test and you know the kids ain’t his, pa danu.

Kill him and enjoy your life.

These same men that will rent an apartment for a girl, pay her monthly salary, buy her a car and keep her tushed up while he will refuse to buy you a car and clothes.

These men should be taught lessons.

I won’t cheat on you oh, i will rather masturbate. But if i ever get proof that you’re cheating, i will seduce and sleep with all your close friends on my fertile period without condom. And bring their children for you to father/train.

Stupid men.

Especially politicians.


Blogger, Oluchi Anne has just taken to facebook account to declare that Abortion isn’t a sin. Read her post below;

Abortion is not a sin


Don’t ask me for advice on what to do with your unwanted pregnancy because I will tell you to go for a D&C. You see, I am not going to be amongst the women who tell you to keep a baby you are not psychologically or emotionally prepared for.

I do not believe the whole hogwash story that once the baby is born, he will end up being a blessing. Neither do I believe in the bullshit theory that once you hold the baby in your hands, you will be enveloped with so much love.

African people has made it a point of duty to tell anyone seeking help for their unwanted pregnancies that, they should keep the baby. Why? Because they assume abortion is a sin😂

Until people start allowing others make choices that are better for them, we will continue to hear stories of women who abadoned their babies in cartons and single mothers lying about having children just to get married.

See, those women who dump their children should not be called wicked because someone directly or indirectly advised them to keep a pregnancy they Didn’t want.

Once they had the baby, the people who gave them such stupid advise left to live their lives and reality hit them. I can assume that once they held the baby in their hands, they didn’t feel that love people spoke off and all they felt was regret and disdain.

Every unborn child deserves a mother who is psychologically ready for him/her. It is unfair to the unborn child to say abortion is a sin. Not every woman deserves to be mother so stop forcing it on every woman you see.


Lady narrowly escapes being strangled by a python in Benin, Edo State,

This lady named Christabel Zino Okezie has just taken to facebook to narrate how she narrowly escaped been killed by a gigantic Python snake in edo state,

She posted the above photo with a video and captioned it;

My enemy for don die today Thank God for life

God is great look at what he saved me from

I stepped On it at my compound then it stood up ready to attack and then i raised alarm


A Nigerian Lady named Ifediba Oluchi Anne has just taken to Facebook to post an article from her blog  which reveals that she’s a whore, and she has slept with a good amount of men.

See her post below:

I a whore! When people ask me how many men I have slept with, I tell them “2708 men excluding women”. The look on their face is always priceless and they go on to give me a speech about how I have been useless all my life. Some of them go the extra mile to tell me to give my life to christ and retrace my steps so I can get married and have kids. One time, a man told me I may not be able to have kids in the future as I had sinned too much and not kept my temple holy. I do find it funny that people are quick to shame me based on my sexual choices as a woman while cheering on a man who was the same body count as I do.

I grew up in a religious home. My parents attended The Lord’s Chosen and my mom was a fanatic for the church and its doctrines. The only sex education I got was one which relied greatly on abstinence. My mom would always sound it in my ears that I had to be a virgin. To her, virgins were entitled to a special kind of blessing from God and a sweet lasting marriage.

When I was 17, I had sex with a man who was way older than I was. He touched my boobs in the stairs and gave me gifts at every turn. I would admit that the situation which I grew up in didn’t teach me how to say “No” without feeling bad. It has taken me a good number of years to set boundaries and shun the things I do not like without being ridden by guilt.

After my first sex experience which should be considered as rape in every sane country, I went through bouts of emotional breakdown. I had done something which society frowned at and I needed time to accept it. One would expect that I would never repeat such action anymore but I only went ahead to have more sex and do all sorts of stuff mom and church told me not to do. I never got any form of sexual education so you should know I made a lot of mistakes (which I love to call lessons)

I am not a whore because I have slept with the fictional amount of men ( yes, 2708 men is a fictional figure) although I have slept with a good amount of people. I am a whore because I talk about sex too often.

A good number of adults in Nigeria are having sex but as long as they don’t talk about, it is fine. Nigerians talk about sex. They talk about how sex is like an exercise for men. They talk about how it is okay for men to have as much sex as they want while they tell women to keep themselves. They talk about how rape is caused by women seductive dressing. They talk about how any woman with more than 1 body count is not wife material. They talk about how women privates can be used as a collateral for jobs and favors. They talk about how any woman who has had sex before should not cry rape if a man takes her against her will.

As long as you talk about sex the same way they are accustomed to then you are fine. For a while now, I have been talking differently about sex on Facebook. When Instablog9ja and other media carried one of my posts, people slut-shamed me.

I have come to realize that slut-shaming is only offensive when the victim feels hurt. I do not feel hurt.I am a whore…I said it. I sleep with men and talk about sex shamelessly on my blog in ways that really matter.

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So a distraught Nigerian lady , said to be 21 , has found herself in a really disturbing situation – according to her friend , who shared her story with us, this lady , who has been dating a guy for months now, found out by his friend , that he’ s a married man.

“I met this cute adorable guy and we started dating it few months now… and I noticed his behavior when he travels that he hardly pick my calls and I complained about it but he always tell me he ’ s in a meeting or court . After some time , while i was cleaning his place , I saw a pic of him with a lady in a wedding grown, I was confused because he never told me he was married but only about his ex -girlfriends . So I asked him if he was married when he return from work but he said he isn ’ t and when the pic was showed to him he said that his cousin mixed the pic cause he ’ s into graphics and he ’ s still learning that I should look very well at the pic then I will know it ’ s fake . . he got emotional saying that his cousin uses his pic most times and that he ’ s been warning him about doing such .

When I was still doubting it , he showed me another pic with another lady which the cousin also mixed like a traditional wedding pic so it was easy to believe him … . .few days after this, his friend came visiting , (that ’ s my boyfriend ’ s friend ) and spent the night , the next day my boyfriend traveled leaving me with his friend . His friend was supposed to leave that day too but didn ’ t leave , he started telling me how he ’ s sexually attracted to me and that he can ’ t help it that he wants us to have sex… .I boldly refused him saying how much I loved his friend and wouldn’ t want to betray him , at some point he stopped disturbing for a while and as we kept talking and getting to know each other, he disclosed to me that my boyfriend was married with kids .

At first it was difficult to believe cause he looked too young to be married left alone with two kids but he showed me the pic and video of his family and said he didn ’ t want to lie to me that truly my boyfriend was married . I broke down emotionally . .how could he look at his wife pic and still deny her ? He got uncomfortable with my behaviour and left , but before he left he told me that he too was also married and I should take it easy when confronting my boyfriend that he must have had a good reason to keep it away from me because he’ s bin telling him how much he loves me.

My supposed bf is coming back soon I don ’ t know what to say or do to him . Please I need your advice .

Good morning … . According to her the guy even promised to take her to see his people. My friend has been crying since yesterday when she called me to come visit her . Can ’ t even leave her cause I fear she might hurt herself .

The only reason why her boyfriend told her about it was that she was too faithful and had plan of settling down with the Guy … . .it was difficult for him but he felt bad for my girlfriend because she was too deep in the relationship without knowing the truth and he also told her she ’ s too young to worry about relationship . My friend is 21 and this is her second relationship she really wanted it to be the last . I don ’ t even know the right advice to give to her right now . Please help her.


A beautiful Nigerian lady, Nina Simoan has taken to social media to reveal how much she regretted not having s** in her university days.

She says she has constant o***** now during s**, and she wonders why she never had s** when she was in the University.

She wrote:

“I regret being a virgin when I was in the university” Nigerian lady.

‘Each time I have an o*****, all I can think of is how I wasted my uni years being a virgin’.


After close to 30 years of waiting for Mr. Right, Nigerian woman, Sarah, marries, for the first time, at the age of 60

Well this is according to instagram user bridesnmoreikeja;

60 years old and a first time bride💃💃💃as in she’s never been married!…..Dang!!..she looks good at 60!!🙌🙌😂😂….#goodgenes..#healthyliving…I remember the first time we met and she told me her age…I was like #hollymolly!!!😂😂 #abasi mbok:mrgreen:😆😆…..#unbelieveable😂😂……she went on to tell me how shes been waiting for ‘mr right’ since when she was in her 30’s and he never came. And so two years ago, he finally appeared😁😁and proposed in 2016💃💃…..#God is good…#delayisnotdenial

my dearest aunty sarah!..i celebrate with you and may God bless your union….👗 from @bridesnmoreikeja….#it’snevertoolate…..more pictures of our youngest and latest bride in town coming😍💃💃

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