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A Facebook User made this shocking announcement of twin sisters who married a man and gave bore him offsprings and still dedicated their children on the same day.

He wrote:

Twin sisters who married one man dedicated their kids one day. This happened last sunday in our church. What can we say to them?

He accompanied it with photos… See screenshot of his post below…

The children’s dedication took place at Christian Evangelistic Church, Ikpe Akpa Ewe, Akwa Ibom State.

See another photo below…




Facebook user Jarron Keith Carter has just set social media on fire after revealing that him and his wife Octavia Carter are both expecting a baby, the shocking part of his post was when he called his previous 9kids from his last 5 relationships Bastards;

2 years ago today I married my beautiful wife. I remember walking down the aisle knowing this it. I took a big step in life when I made that decision, but I don’t regret it. Being married tests everything. It tests you physically, mentally, it even tests you faithfully. What I love so much about our marriage is that, we’ve never seemed to lose each other. We believe everything is so workable, and nothing can separate us. Together we are so powerful. I can’t brag and say our marriage is perfect, but it’s better than the last 5 I have been in.

Today is also special to me because, a few weeks ago while at work you texted me with a message that almost caused me to break down in tears. I’ve wanted to run and tell everybody about the news, but you just told me to wait until the right time. Well today is the right time, because your first trimester is closing. This kid will be so special to me, yes I have 9 other kids, but they’re bastards. For 4 years you were a really great girlfriend. For 2 years you have been an awesome wife. Within a few months, you will be a much better mother. I love you so much. Happy Anniversary. 


Kathleen Martin, now 32, from County Durham, began chatting to teenager Jack Fucile, now 18, on the social media site in June 2015 after he offered to help sort out her garden.

Despite being only five years older than her oldest child, they began a sexual relationship and after 7 months together, she discovered she was pregnant. When it was time to have the baby, she ended up delivering the child in her bedroom, with the help of Jack, because she had gone into labour three-and-a-half weeks early. .

She said for days she had felt her baby was coming and went to the hospital but was asked to go home that she wasn’t due. She returned to the hospital five times and was turned back every time. .

After the fifth trip to the hospital, as she and Jack prepared to go to bed, her water broke and Jack had to play midwife as the hospital put him through the process over the phone. Kathleen’s son with Jay is now 9-months-old and Jack is now 18. .

Though she has two kids from previous relationships, Kathleen says Jay gets along well with her older kids and they are all happy. She explained: “We are just one big family now and it’s really lovely. .

When Jay gets older we will tell him how his daddy brought him into the world – and tell him what a good job he did.” Kathleen said she had reservations about dating Jack and she disclosed that Jack’s mum, Angela, who is eight years older than her, was “shocked” when she heard about their relationship. .

She, however, insists that it didn’t feel like there was an age gap between them. She said that Jack is mature for his age. Kathleen said Jack was thrilled when she told him she was expecting. .

“Once he got over the shock, he loved the fact that he was going to be a dad,” she recalled. “My pregnancy progressed smoothly, and Jack was really overwhelmed when he saw the 20-week scan.

He was so excited, he just couldn’t wait for the baby to arrive.” She added that Jack is now very much a hands-on dad. “While other lads his age are hanging out with mates and drinking, Jack is here being a great father,” she said.


So a distraught Nigerian lady , said to be 21 , has found herself in a really disturbing situation – according to her friend , who shared her story with us, this lady , who has been dating a guy for months now, found out by his friend , that he’ s a married man.

“I met this cute adorable guy and we started dating it few months now… and I noticed his behavior when he travels that he hardly pick my calls and I complained about it but he always tell me he ’ s in a meeting or court . After some time , while i was cleaning his place , I saw a pic of him with a lady in a wedding grown, I was confused because he never told me he was married but only about his ex -girlfriends . So I asked him if he was married when he return from work but he said he isn ’ t and when the pic was showed to him he said that his cousin mixed the pic cause he ’ s into graphics and he ’ s still learning that I should look very well at the pic then I will know it ’ s fake . . he got emotional saying that his cousin uses his pic most times and that he ’ s been warning him about doing such .

When I was still doubting it , he showed me another pic with another lady which the cousin also mixed like a traditional wedding pic so it was easy to believe him … . .few days after this, his friend came visiting , (that ’ s my boyfriend ’ s friend ) and spent the night , the next day my boyfriend traveled leaving me with his friend . His friend was supposed to leave that day too but didn ’ t leave , he started telling me how he ’ s sexually attracted to me and that he can ’ t help it that he wants us to have sex… .I boldly refused him saying how much I loved his friend and wouldn’ t want to betray him , at some point he stopped disturbing for a while and as we kept talking and getting to know each other, he disclosed to me that my boyfriend was married with kids .

At first it was difficult to believe cause he looked too young to be married left alone with two kids but he showed me the pic and video of his family and said he didn ’ t want to lie to me that truly my boyfriend was married . I broke down emotionally . .how could he look at his wife pic and still deny her ? He got uncomfortable with my behaviour and left , but before he left he told me that he too was also married and I should take it easy when confronting my boyfriend that he must have had a good reason to keep it away from me because he’ s bin telling him how much he loves me.

My supposed bf is coming back soon I don ’ t know what to say or do to him . Please I need your advice .

Good morning … . According to her the guy even promised to take her to see his people. My friend has been crying since yesterday when she called me to come visit her . Can ’ t even leave her cause I fear she might hurt herself .

The only reason why her boyfriend told her about it was that she was too faithful and had plan of settling down with the Guy … . .it was difficult for him but he felt bad for my girlfriend because she was too deep in the relationship without knowing the truth and he also told her she ’ s too young to worry about relationship . My friend is 21 and this is her second relationship she really wanted it to be the last . I don ’ t even know the right advice to give to her right now . Please help her.


According to a facebook user who cried out calling out for the parents of these kids to come and take them off facebook, one of the Teenage Girls had posted the above photo with the caption;

“We know we are kids but we take what belongs to elders. No short thing”

This lead to instant bashing on her comment section with many people demanding that she delete the post, she later took it down but the damage had already been done and thousands had already screen grabbed the posts.

I Was Raped, I Have Three Kids for Three Terrorists – 15-year-old Boko Haram Escapee Tells Heartbreaking Story

File Photo – parents of abducted Chibok girls

An under-aged Boko Haram abductee who recently gained freedom from the sect after being used as a s*x slave for years has narrated her turbulent ordeal.
“I told my baby, ‘If you were alive I would never leave you. I have no choice, please forgive me’.” Those were the chilling words of Amina (not real name), to her 28-day old son, who allegedly died in her hands, minutes before she fled through the vast Sambisa forest, in a desperate bid to escape the outlawed terror group, Boko Haram.

Recounting her experience, Amina, aged 20, told an online news portal, The Mirror that the memory of her tiny baby’s body lying lifeless in the dust at the base of a tree in Sambisa Forest tortured her intermittently having been held captive for five years by the group.

But with her baby just 28 days old and very sick, it was too late for him (the baby) to survive the harsh environment in Sambisa forest as he took his final breath in her mother’s arms.

“I couldn’t hold down the tears as I saw my child lifeless and about to be abandoned,” Amina, who explained, recalling with nostalgia that she was snatched away from her parents at the age of 15.

Irked by this development, Amina resolved not to go back to her demented captors; since she did not know what lay ahead.

Speaking further, Amina said she, “left him under that tree, hoping on some irrational level it would protect him. His remains are probably still there.”

For obvious reasons, it was gathered that Amina’s case draws references to the myriad of other young girls, who by virtue of similar situations, also found themselves in such peculiar state as only a mother truly terrified and desperate could do such to her baby.

“I was forced into marriage three times, and had a child with each husband,” she tells me, when we meet in Muna refugee camp in Maiduguri, the region’s capital.

When I sit next to her it has only been five weeks since her escape. Fiddling nervously with her hands, Amina explained that she was visiting her elder sister in her home town of Baga in Borno State when a car stopped and 10 Boko Haram fighters jumped out.

“They were purposefully hunting for girls to kidnap,” she explains. When she protested, they beat her to a state of unconsciousness.

When she opened her eyes, she was in the Sambisa forest, an area three times the size of Wales, as she said: “I found myself in a mist of 200 women.”

Recalling further, she said at least one of the girls was a Chibok schoolgirl as they became friends. She is, to her knowledge, still there.

“She was also forced into marriage and has a child. She is very unhappy, her husband has two other wives senior to her and they don’t give her food. She is hungry, and he beats her,” she said. Amina was immediately forced into marriage with a 40-year-old Boko Haram brute.

“They put a gun to my head. There were women who had refused. But they were tied up and r*ped,” she said. Her husband was vicious.

“He dislocated my arm,” she recalls. She was of course, r*ped repeatedly. Within a couple of months, she was pregnant. Just four days after the birth of her son, now four, her husband went with the terror group to attack a village and was killed. Amina, who said she was forced to marry again, said: “The second man was 50, he would beat me too.

When I refused sex, he locked me up.” The s*xual assault on her resulted into another pregnancy. And yet again, seven months into her pregnancy, this man was killed in a village attack. She gave birth to a little girl, now three, and with little time to recover was again forced to marry, to a man in his late forties.

“Almost immediately, I was pregnant again.” Traumatised, the only time Amina smiled was when she speaks of her children. She explains although their fathers were evil, she had never struggled to love them as she stated: “They are all I have. It does not matter.”

It was perhaps this fearsome love which gave her the courage to flee. Her chance came when her husband got into a fight with another terrorist, while the community was distracted and eventually she grabbed the kids, ran for five days and was drinking from puddles all through.

She believed her baby died of starvation as she had no breast milk to give. Finally last month, she reached a roadside in Maiduguri and begged strangers who offered to help.

But the case of Amina and her child remains a touchy one considering the fact that prior to her escape, the Nigerian Army on December 20, 2016, made an incredible breakthrough against Boko Haram, rescuing 1,880 women and children held by them in the Sambisa Forest, and arresting 504 men.

Though her grief is overwhelming; the emotional scars remains a lifelong as Amina said she was yet to begin the counselling offered by aid agencies like UNICEF, despite revealing that tests showed that she is HIV positive.

Most of the time, according to reports, she still looks numb as she tries to hold her slim body still, perhaps due to the self-training which she got over the years of abuse to try to be invisible. There is no expression on her young face.

This is because her body begins to shudder with gutteral, primal, sobs once she talks about her baby. Thankfully, her parents have survived and are also there, along with her sisters, her sisters though happy, are more wary.

“They insult my children,” she says, sadly. While expressing shock over the kidnap of 276 schoolgirls from their boarding school in Chibok in April 2014, UNICEF child protection worker, Labaran Babangida, said the youngest escaped captive he has met is just 10.

“She was repeatedly r*ped and because she is very small she now cannot control her bladder,” he says.

“We cannot find her family.” Another girl, Aisha, who I meet in Maiduguri’s Dalorie refugee camp, was 13 when she was snatched.

Now safe, she is 15, with a seven-month-old baby, Fatima, on her knee – her captor’s child. “He forcibly used me,” she says, embarrassed.

“I was confused, I didn’t know what was right.” These girls, especially the young ones, are regularly used by Boko Haram as suicide bombers, too. Just two days after we leave Maiduguri, two girls believed to be seven or eight detonate bombs in the town’s market killing themselves, one other, and injuring 18.

On the part of Amina, she was never forced to do this as she claimed that said she knew those girls who were. “One told me she had been told to carry a bomb to a market,” Amina recalls. “I told her ‘Run away, think of the elderly, the children you would kill.

And she did.” However, Saturday Telegraph learnt that 30 girls like Amina have arrived the Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) camp in the past two weeks.

Interestingly, the camp holds over 40,000, is one of 18 in the town, and over 40 across the region with over two million persons already displaced by the terror group.

For many Boko Haram captives, reunion is difficult. Families are suspicious of the girls, they see them as tainted, their children as evil.

They also fear they are on a mission to detonate bombs for the terrorists. Commenting also, the Chief Child Protection Officer for UNICEF, Rachel Harvey, said the girls often suffer PTSD. She said UNICEF educates hostile communities too, stressing that: “People believe the babies of Boko Haram could grow up to become a threat. I have heard of babies being killed.”

According to her, Amina is a woman crushed – but not quite, I think, broken. She said Amina is “stubborn” but confessed that: “I don’t want to marry again, I want to be alone and with my children.”