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A Kenyan man has taken his mother to the famed Harvard University where he graduated 24 years ago

Writing on social media, Chris Mburu said his mum, 83, was unable to attend his graduation because it was too expensive

After landing a good job, Mburu decided to take his mother to the very school he attended and in so doing, made his mother’s dreams come true

A Kenyan man, Chris Mburu has shared on social media, photos of his mother, 83, posing outside the world-renown Harvard University.

Mburu and his mum in the US

The three photos tell a powerful story. A story of Mburu’s rise from grass to grace and attending one of the finest schools in the world.

When I graduated here 24 years ago, my mother was absent from the ceremony, because it was too expensive for her to make the trip from my native village in Kenya to the United States. So you can imagine the joy I felt last week as I brought her for her first visit to the university, at the age of 83! Though uneducated herself, my mother has always valued education and indeed remains one of the smartest people I know.


It was a shocking scene yesterday, February 7, when a woman who had been pregnant for about 3 years in Rivers state, gave birth to a goat.

According to a Facebook user, Simeon Chukwu, the woman got delivered at Karaka Community Hall in Rumuowha Eneka area of Port Harcourt.

The hopes of family members who were excited that the lady had finally gone into labour were dashed after they were told that she delivered a goat instead of a baby.

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China is famous for its ruthless public shaming on burglars, and the latest victim was apparently a rat.

Pictures spotted on Weibo, a Chinese micro-blogging platform, showed the rodent being tied up to what seemed to be a trolley.

A piece of paper attached to the animal’s body explained that it had been caught stealing rice at a convenient store.

Two pictures were posted yesterday by a Weibo user with the screen name ‘jiu lian shan she zhang’.

The post said: ‘A friend of mine found a small rat in the warehouse of a convenient store.’

It carried on saying: ‘After [it] was arrested, it was shamed by a poster. Poor rat! How could it spend the Lunar New Year?’

The uploader indicated that the two pictures had been taken at the Lianping County of Heyuan city in southern China’s Guangdong Province.

In the first picture, a post-it note was attached to the rat. The note was written as if the rat had been complaining to the man who had caught it and shamed it.

The note read: ‘Huh, is this the best you could do? Even if you beat me to death, I would not admit that the rice at your home had been stolen by me.’

In the second picture, the rat had a different post-it note attached to its body, which read: ‘I dare not do it again!’

A person can be seen taking a picture of the rat and the note.

The trolley is believed to be transporting boxes of bin liners.

The account holder of ‘jiu lian shan she zhang’ confirmed to MailOnline that the rat had been caught at a shop in Zhuhai city, Guangdong Province, which was owned by his friend. The said that the notes had been written by staff at the store.

The man has not expected the pictures would draw so much attention on social media today.

He explained that many people had left comments under the pictures with different opinions.

He said: ‘Some people pitied the rat, some people hated the rat, and some people found it to be funny.

‘I pity the rat. It’s just a small animal. It would almost certainly die being treated like this.’

The owner of the shop where the rat had been caught confirmed that the rat had been found by his staff.

The man, named Lai Tiancai, said ‘it was just a rat’ and this was a ‘small incident’. The man added that the incident should not matter too much.

The uploader has called for attention from the Shenzhen Traffic Police through his post.

In response to the pictures, the Shenzhen Traffic Police posted three smiling face emojis on its official account on Weibo yesterday.

In January, 2016, a man and woman from China filmed themselves tying up a defenseless mouse and ‘interrogating it’ for allegedly stealing bananas.

Finally Jammeh Surrenders Begs For Shift In 4pm Deadline To Pack

According to Vanguard Embattled out-gone President Yahya Jammeh of The Gambia has asked a shift in deadline of midday to 4pm to vacate office as ECOWAS soldiers close on him.

Government sources said the request was made when the leaders of Guinea and Mauritania arrived in the capital, Banjul, in a last-ditch diplomatic effort to get him to cede power.

A regional military force that crossed the border in support of his democratically elected successor, Adama Barrow, was awaiting orders on Friday.

Marcel Alain de Souza, chair of the west African union Ecowas, said troops would force Jammeh out if he refused to leave the country.

Jammeh The West African troops entered the Gambia on Thursday night, hours after Barrow was forced to hold his inauguration as president in Dakar, the capital of Senegal.

De Souza said the west African force, which includes tanks, has so far met no resistance. Banjul, the capital, was deserted on Friday.

Dozens of vultures spread their wings on the large ground outside State House, and a lone cyclist, perhaps one of the few remaining tourists in the country, made the most of the empty roads.

The country’s chief of defence staff, Ousman Badjie, was seen speeding in the direction of Banjul.

He has switched allegiance several times over the past month, and was celebrating with Barrow supporters in the streets last night.

It is unclear what side he and the military would take in the event of an Ecowas attack on State House, though most sources  believed he was no longer with Jammeh.

The twitter handle of Charles Onyango-Obbot @cobbo3 said “ Jammeh asks for deadline extension – from midday (local time) to 4pm! He’s not done packing #Gambia

Photos: After 10 Years Of Marriage Nigerian Lady Finally Gives Birth To A Set Of Quintuplets (Must See)

The Cross River Government yesterday said the first quintuplets in the state’s history were delivered Monday in Calabar to a couple who have been childless after 10 years of marriage.

Dr. Linda Ayade, the Wife of the Governor, shelved a scheduled journey to rush down and join the Commissioner of Health, Dr. Inyang Asibong and the DG of the Primary Health Care Development Agency, Dr. Betta Edu, who had earlier arrived the University of Calabar Teaching Hospital, UCTH to witness what the hospital management says is the first of it’s kind in the facility.

The visibly stunned first lady, who is also a medical doctor, revealed that she has only heard and read about how quintuplets have been delivered but has never witnessed it before. She extended the sincere congratulations of the first family to the parents of the babies and assured them that they will not abandon the babies.

Dr. Linda in her remarks, characteristically waxed religious saying

“five is a divine number for Jesus, Grace, Mercy. 9th January is the number of completion on the first month of the year. This event is a sign from God that this is our year of abundance. On the first day of the year, it was twins, today it’s quintuplets, am over joyed.” she exclaimed.

She donated One million naira to the family of the quintuplets with an incubator for the management of the new babies. She also donated additional five hundred thousand naira to the medical team that delivered the babies as well as an undisclosed amount to a set of twins in the ward who were delivered on January 1.

Wife of the Governor of Cross River state, Dr. Linda Ayade, DG PHCDA, Dr. Betta Edu, Commissioner for Information, Barrister Rosemary Archibong, Lead Doctor for delivery of quintuplet, Professor Iklaki, State Commissioner for Health, Dr. Inyang Asibong and father of the babies, Dr. Edet Okon by the side of the Mother of the children at the hospital ward

Earlier, the state Commissioner for Health Dr. Inyang Asibong congratulated the parents of the new babies and assured them that the government will give a helping hand to support the family.

“I want to on behalf of the government and the people of the state congratulate the parents of the babies as well as the entire team led by Professor Iklaki that delivered this babies. I know it must have been a difficult job and thank God the babies all came out safe and the mum is also safe. If the situation were different, I would have advocated exclusive breastfeeding, but in this case, I know it will be impossible to insist on that. But the government will definitely support the family in the upbringing of the children.” she said.

The Director General of the Primary Health Care Agency, Dr. Betta Edu, described the birth of the children as a miracle and urged the parents to now opt for family planning.

Source: CrossRiverWatch.com