Download Video!! How A Man Was Raped By 2 Women In South Africa

​The three women alleged to have raped a man in Hluhluwe, south Africa were released on bail on Tuesday.

National Prosecuting Authority regional spokeswoman, Natasha Ramkisson-Kara, said the women received bail of R1 000 (N23,000) each.

The matter, heard in the Hluhluwe Magistrate’s Court, was postponed until October 25 for further investigation.

The three were arrested after a video of the man, who was allegedly sexually assaulted by the women, went viral on social media.

The man said what happened had left him very angry and he would not be able to forgive the women.

He said he had known the women growing up.

He alleged that one of them had called him over to fix an electrical fault. When he arrived at the home he saw another woman in the room but paid no attention to her.

Another woman appeared from behind the door and they allegedly attacked and filmed the incident.

The women were arrested the same day.,

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Read Don Jazzy’s Independence Day Message To Nigerians

Dear Nigerians,

Let me say happy Independence Day to us all. May God give us the grace to witness many more of it in good health and sound mind.

My Compatriots, though our country already at 56, is surely not where we all love it to be yet, but I have a strong hope that we are already on the path to greatness. And that is the kind of spirit I want to urge you all to carry on. There would surely be light at the end of the tunnel for us, let us not lose hope. Notwithstanding, the trying time the country is currently going through, we shall overcome.

If truth must be told, to get to the Promised Land, we all have our different roles to play in the project Nigeria. Most especially the youths, because we are the leaders of

tomorrow. While that might sound like a cliche, yet I foresee a Nigeria where the youths would be taking over the mantle of leadership in the nearest future. So let us all begin to shun vices of any kind and embrace all that is virtuous. Because that is the surest way we can prepare for the task ahead.

As an entertainer who has mixed and worked with fellow artistes from virtually every region in the country, I make bold to say that our unity lies strongly in our diversity. And the more we see ourselves as brothers and sisters, the better for us all. And just like in Supreme Mavin Dynasty where we operate with the philosophy that everyone is borne with a unique talent, if you play your part in the nation building in the area where you are unique and I play mine too, you can imagine the result we would get at the end of the day.

Moreover, for project Nigeria to work the way we want, multiple projects need to take place simultaneously in ICT, Health Care, Education, Tourism, Media, Entertainment, and so on in order to open up the goldmines within. I want to use this opportunity to call on the Government, NGOs and Corporate Bodies to come together in ensuring that we take this our beloved country to greater heights. We only need to work at it and things would start falling into place in due course. I am very hopeful of that.

Finally, as we celebrate our 56th Independence anniversary, I pray that by this time next year, Nigeria would have some milestones to celebrate.

Yours Sincerely,

Don Jazzy


The chairman of Abuja Municipal Area Council, AMAC, Abdullahi Candido has condemned in strong terms the

conversion of shops at the Nyanya market, Abuja into brothels, residential houses and schools.

Officials of the council discovered on Wednesday when it embarked on the evacuation of street traders at the market that several shops have been turned into residential houses, schools and “red light district” by women of easy virtue.

In a chat with DAILY POST, one of the resident commercial se.x workers at the Nyanya market said the place was her only source of livelihood, especially now that the economic recession was biting really hard on the country.

“You know say the market no get gate, so e dey open 24/7, people dey stay for here from night till morning. I don dey do this business for this place; e don reach like two years now. As Naija hard so, na only dis place dey help us survive.

Dem dey give us from one thousand to three thousand, but if business bad, we deny reduce am. If you come here in the night now, you go see plenty customers for here,” she revealed.

Meanwhile, security agents who entered one of the shops, bumped into a commercial se.x worker and her supposed client. She, however, claimed that he was not a client, but her lover who came to visit her.

The security men, however, arrested three ladies and two men engaging in se.xual activities in the shop turned into a brothel.

A man impersonating an Army General has been apprehended by operatives of the NSCDC.

Operatives of the Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps (NSCDC) have reportedly apprehended a suspected fake army general in Minna on Monday, September 26.

The disclosure was made by Commandant of NSCDC, Commander

Philip Ayuba , while parading the suspect before newsmen.

“The suspected fake army General you are seeing specialises in defrauding unemployed applicants by promising them job in either the military or paramilitary outfits in the country,’’ Ayuba said.

The commander added that the 40-year-old suspect identified as Mohammed Usman aka General Ishiaku hails from Katcha Local Government Area of the state.

According to Ayuba, an undercover team of NSCDC, Minna metropolis, arrested the suspect following the conclusion of his plan to collect a balance of N450,000 bargained for a job in the commission.

Usman’s suspected accomplice, Abubakar Ibrahim , is reportedly still at large. While speaking with newsmen, the suspect asked for forgiveness, blaming his actions on the devil.

Ayuba said that the suspect would be charged to court as soon as ongoing investigations were concluded.


Nollywood actor Benson Okonkwo has released some new photos in a bit to mark Nigeria’s Independence Day today.

The photos, which show him styled in green and white outfits in some shots while being nude in other shots, can be described as risqué.

Some of his fans think the shoot is too much while others state that he is simply being patriotic.

What do you think?


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#EdoDecides: INEC official results

There is a heightened sense of suspense in Benin, even as final analysis of collations for the Edo election is ongoing.

Edo Elections

The INEC chief returning officer has called for a one hour break to enable officials make final collation, even as just one more local government is left to be announced.

Analysis from the graph above shows that with the situation within 17 out of 18 LGAs announced, Obaseki will eventually come tops, even if he get ‘0’ in Ovia South-West, which is not theoretically possible, as the gap is already 62,300 votes.

The official report by INEC is still awaited, and will be announce shortly. team has been on ground in Benin to bring minute-by-minute reports regarding the election results.

Read our live coverage below. Remember to always refresh your browser for fresh updates.


With the announcement from the collation officer from Ovia SW, APC has a total of 319,483votes while the PDP has 253173votes


Ovia South West

APC: 12,820

PDP: 8810


With one more local government to go, APC has 306, 663 while PDP has



Akoko Edo

APC: 24, 545

PDP: 13, 027


Results for 16 local governments have been announced, with the APC amassing a total of 282,118 votes while PDP got 231,336 votes.



APC: 33,469

PDP: 26,096

Registered Voters – 260965

Accredited Voters – 65348


With the reports from Etsako West the APC now has 248,649 while PDP has 205,240 votes, the two parties separated by 43,409.

Etsako West

APC: 29,199

PDP: 10,843


Following reports from 14 local governments, APC has 219,450 votes while PDP has 194,397. There are 4 local governments to go.

Etsako East

APC: 18,078

PDP: 12,552

Total Valid Votes: 30,858

Total Votes Cast: 31,914

Rej Votes: 1,056


After 13 local governments, the APC has come up with 201,372 votes, while PDP came up with 181,845.

Esan Central

APC: 9781

PDP: 10180

Total Valid Votes: 20,211

Total Votes Cast: 21,364

R- Votes: 1,153


After 12 local governments, APC has 191,591 votes while PDP has 171, 665


Etsako Central

APC: 10373

PDP: 8827

Total Valid Votes: 19,538

Total Votes Cast: 19,907

R-Votes 549


Owan East

APC 21,233

PDP 12, 889


Out of 10 local governments, APC has 159,985 votes while PDP has 149,949 votes


Ovia North East

APC: 17, 561

PDP: 13, 141


Out of the 18 LGA’s INEC announces 9 results, 9 more to go. Proceedings continue.


Police disperse protesters angry over the results obtained from Oredo local government.


Some aggrieved party members are reportedly protesting at the INEC office in Edo state.


A one hour break has been proposed by the chief returning officer. The announcement of results are to be continued at noon.

Out of 9 local governments we have APC – 142,424 and PDP is 136, 808

Results for Esan West is as follows:

APC 13,114

PDP 16, 311


Esan West is next.

After 8 local governments, APC has a total of 129,310 votes while the PDP has 120,497 votes.



APC 15, 262

PDP 16, 446


Calls for cancellation of election results in Oredo stirs debate


Commotion takes the room following some arguments about votes that were cancelled.


Sirens blaring in the background, security is at its most heightened state, some more local governments are yet to arrive.


After 7 local government , the results stands at 114,048 for APC and 104,051 for PDP


Oredo local government area is next.

APC 37, 612.

PDP 30, 492

Total Valid Votes: 69,401

Total Votes Cast: 73,712


6 / 18 LGAs announced

APC – 76,436

PDP – 73,559


10:02am Colation officer for Esan South East takes the floor

APC 9554

PDP 11466

Registered voters 66698

Accredited voters 22522


After the first 5 results….. APC 66882, PDP 62093



APC: 10, 911

PDP: 8,667

Accredited Voters : 21,927



APC: 7802

PDP: 7560

Total Valid Votes: 15,506

Total Vote Cast: 16,086


Egor LGA

APCNigeria : 26,177

PDPNig : 19,514

Registered Voters: 184,296

Accredited Voters: 49,802


9:35 Questions raised over cancelled vote


Esan North East

APC 9130

PDP 16220

Total Valid Votes: 25,747

Total Vote Cast: 26,944


Colation officer for Esan North East takes the stage


Owan West:

APC 12, 862

PDP 10, 132

Registered Voters: 54,406

Accredited Voters: 24,487


Official from Owan West LGA kick starts the announcement process.


9:08am: INEC begins proceedings to announce the election results.

The voting in Edo state was concluded on Wednesday, September 28, with many going all out to support their preferred candidates.

Following conclusion of voting on Wednesday, INEC has said that there are no results yet, informing that collation of results for the governorship election would begin today, September 29.

It was gathered that the decision to commence the collation today is in connection with the late arrival of results from the 18 local government areas.

The Edo election has been tagged

two horse race between the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) and the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC), though nineteen candidates are vying for the ticket to the Government House.

Edo state has a total of 1,925,105 registered voters; 192 Registration Areas (RAs); 2,627 Polling Units (PUs); and 4,011 Voting Points (VPs).

Shortly after conclusion of elections in all parts of Edo state, some unofficial results began to trickle in, with the PDP taking an initial lead, and the APC taking over somewhere midway.

Reports suggested that after collation of 727 Polling Units out of 2,672 Units in Edo state, APC has a total of 69,196votes while PDP has 75,088votes; with over 13000 rendered invalid.

A total of 25,000 police officers were deployed across the state to ensure peace and security during the polls, while 44 observer groups were accredited by the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) as election monitors.

Nigeria’s Anti-Terrorism War and Lessons from Civilian JTF

In war situations, there are always the unsung heroes. But it does not belittle their sacrifices in consummating the war. Not many Nigerians have inkling about the lofty contributions the innocuous bands of youths in Borno state, self- styled as the Civilian Joint Task Force (C-JTF) made in the counter-insurgency battles.

They are even confused as a replication of the more popular Military Joint Task Force (M-JTF), mainly populated by the Nigerian security agencies. But C-JTF shares no similarity with M-JTF, but they are only conjoined by a common motivation- the freedom of their country from the fangs of Boko Haram Terrorists (BHTs).

Initially, C-JTF members were a bunch of idle, but angered young men, domiciled in different parts of the Northeast, who tolerated years of the decimation of their population and annexation of their territories by insurgents. Provoked, they decided to willingly enlist into the anti-terror war to save their communities.

Such guts deserved special commendations. And it came from the highest level. It came from a man who understood the risk of putting men on the war front. It came from the Chief of Army Staff, Lt. Gen. Tukur Buratai who publicly acknowledged and praised the contributions of the CJTF in the war against BHT. On several occassions such as during the opening of roads like Maiduguri – Damboa, Maiduguri – Gamboru Ngala and at Damaturu – Biu road, the COAS reserved special commendations for the bravery of CJTF.

Having led the offensive against the terrorist group, the COAS himself realises that they are a great assets to the fight against BHT. No wonder, the military under Buratai’s leadership tactically deployed the CJTF operatives in the core area of intelligence gathering which yielded many positive ambushes against the terrorists by the military and degraded BHT supplies.

Day and night, youths who would later become members of the C-JTF watched the violent elimination of their beloved ones by the lethal explosions of terrorists. They wailed and woke up the next day to face fresh conflagrations, some of which also consumed their own peers, friends and family members.

They gauged the spirited efforts of the Nigerian military in taming the monsters and concluded, it was deficient to the extent soldiers were alien to the communities and could not identify insurgents in their midst. It was this patriotic impulse that beckoned at them and they responded.

This was after former President Goodluck Jonathan declared a state of emergency in the Northeast in 2013. It initially started as the Volunteer Young Vigilance Group and later, renamed, C-JTF. Adamu Buba who chairs the C-JTF, Sector 5, recounted that youths in the area were spurred into action by the terrorists attack on Giwa Barracks in Borno state. They felt injured and challenged; prompting the instant decision of youths to mobilize to the spot to render assistance to the army.

C-JTF’s presence at the scene of the Giwa barracks attack incident was their first and close encounter with the military as an organized group. The encounter was quite nasty because soldiers held them in suspicion, as vestiges of the aggressors who attacked them. Soldiers in stern voices, with brandishing guns, asked them to lie flat and roll on the ground. They complied and endured the pain, before a chance to explain their mission rendered itself. Soldiers saw in their rare courage, an instant ally.

The sight of people hastily escaping from the attack never deterred them either, as they instantly and fearlessly engaged the Boko Haramists in fierce combats with machetes, bows and arrows. The terrorists fled Giwa, compelling them to bid a retreat, but not without incurring some human casualties.

With this singular act of bravery C-JTF launched itself as a potent ally of the military in the counter-insurgency war. In their ranks, were farmers, hunters, graduates, village jesters, wood carvers and even princes. They were all united by a common mission- how to assist liberate their communities from devilish fiends.

Soon, the concept of C-JTF spread to other parts of the Northeast. And their work had no restrictions. They conducted security checks, acted as informants to security agents of BHTs in their midst, exposed their hideouts to soldiers, battled insurgents on the field alongside with the military and rescued captives seized by terrorists.

Additionally, the C-JTF assisted the Nigerian army to navigate strange areas in the difficult terrains of the Northeast and sustained vigilance over communities. C-JTF also incurred irreplaceable losses in the cause of fighting to liberate their fatherland. Some of their members died in battle; others were trailed and gunned down by BHTs in cold blood for spying on them for the military. The sacrifices have been enormous.

History has etched the name of C-JTF in gold as the civilian troops in Nigeria’s counter-insurgency war. The huge contributions and sacrifices the C-JTF who staked their necks to assist the military accomplish in decimating BHTs would remain a permanent reference point.

Needless to say, bowing to the superior pressure imposed by truth, Nigeria’s Chief of Army Staff (COAS), Gen. Tukur Buratai is emphatic that “ It is not yet Uhuru” with anti-terrorism war. The remnants of BHT terrorists yet to surrender have taken refuge in various communities.

It pleads to community involvement, cooperation and support. Security as the cliché goes is everybody’s business. And among security breaches, terrorism is apparently the worse. It imposes a sacred duty on Individuals and groups in every community to continue to sustain its vigilance and, to immediately alert security agents of threat to peace or its likely breach.

If the Northeast is today liberated from the fangs of BHTs, it is because its young and agile youths placed community and national interests above their lives in the quest for salvation. The reward has been immense, both in the sight of God and humanity.

As mark of appreciation, more than 250, 000 of the C-JTF members have been commissioned into the Nigerian army, as assured by Gen. Buratai. Another 20 of these carriers of bows and arrows have been recruited into the State Security Service (SSS) to officially become part of the security sentinels of Nigeria.

When the C-JTF recruits into the military paid him a thank-you visit recently, Borno state Governor, Kashim Shettima exclaimed in happiness that “The emergence of the Civilian-JTF was a game changer in the fight against Boko Haram.”

Terrorism in the Northeast is a history narrated and, perhaps, forgotten. But it is not the only area Nigeria is facing insecurity crisis. The Northwest is still plagued by the scourge of armed banditry and cattle rustling. The Niger Delta is caged by its own resentful militancy and sounds of its own disastrous bombs. North central Nigeria is under the yoke of herdsmen and farmers clashes in an era the entire globe is ardently preaching global food security.

These communities are not barren of sensible youths, like members of the C-JTF, who should frown at the vagaries of man to suddenly become animalistic and beastly. The budding youths of these communities are challenged to emulate the exemplary conduct of the C-JTF by voluntarily rising up to pair with security agents to liberate their communities from the shackles of destruction by regressive elements.

None of the C-JTF members was prodded into action by anybody or paid a dime for this voluntary service to community. It was just a patriotic instinct for the love of one’s community. But today, the Nigerian military’s triumph over Boko Haram in alliance with the C-JTF is a joy shared and relished by every Nigerian. Youths elsewhere could become warriors in their communities by replicating this wonderful and exceptional patriotism.

Ibekwe, a public affairs analyst contributed this piece from Agbani road, Enugu State.

Pastor Sleeps With Barren Woman To Get Her Pregnant Through Spiritual Powers – Video

​A video has been leaked of a couple of inglorious Pastors having sex with a woman who has issues with childbirth in a secret place! In the video as she was being slept with, you would hear her saying the prayers in the delta state language after the evil

pastors: “Power, Enter, Claiming her spiritual pregnancy!

Strict Parental Warning Advised!!!

Please share the video link below till it gets into the hands of the law makers as the faces of the culprits are so clear in the video:

Video Of Pastor Having Sex With Woman WHILE PRAYING For her to get PREGNANT in Delta State, Nigeria (Copy link into your browser)

 (*Warning* Must Be 18yrs Or Older To View)


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Edo Election: APC losses to PDP in Oyegun’s polling unit

As Wednesday’s Edo election begins to wind down, results from various polling units across local governments in the state have started emerging.

Unofficial Edo election result, however, has it that the All Progressives Congress, APC, lost to the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, in the polling unit of the ruling party’s National Chairman, Chief John Odigie-Oyegun.

Though, the result claimed that the APC won the votes in the entire ward 2. At Unit 1 Ward 002 of Oredo local government area, while APC garnered 69 votes, the PDP polled 78 votes.

Meanwhile, Pastor Osagie Ize-Iyamu of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, ​has ​recorded a​ massive victory at his​ Igbodoro Ward 5, Unit 26, in Orhionmwon Local Government A​rea.

Ize-Iyamu defeated Godwin Obaseki of the All Progressives Congress, APC, by 369 votes to one.

Meanwhile Obaseki won at his polling unit, Ward 4 Unit 19 in Oredo LGA by 160 votes to Ize-Iyamu’s 77.

Unofficial Edo election results from other local governments across the state read below:

Etsako west Ward 11, Unit 11 APC – 239 PDP – 54 INVALID – 470
Esan South East Ward 5, Unit 5 APC – 77 PDP – 130
Egor Ward 3, Unit 14 APC – 162 PDP – 143
Ikpoba Okha Ward 2, Unit 12 APC – 92 PDP – 85
Egor Ward 3, Unit 4 APC – 157 PDP – 91


Click here for live Edo election results