Only Igbos can survive if Nigeria break – Fayose

​Governor Fayose applauded Igbo people for their industrious activities

He noted that if the country breaks, only the region can survive independently
Governor Ayodele Fayose of Ekiti has said that only Igbo people will be able to survive if Nigeria breaks up.
Fayose said this Fayose stated this on Saturday, November 19 when the Ndigbo community in his state conferred him with the traditional title of ‘Nwanne – De – Namba at the Olukayode Stadium during the Igbo Cultural Day.

Vanguard reports that Fayose described Igbos as industrious people and will be able to handle Nigeria’s separation well if it happens.

He said: “whatever anybody says, the Igbos are a unique people in the country. God forbid, if Nigeria should break, they are the only nation that can survive because they are industrious people.

“All the permanent structures found everywhere are owned by the Igbo people. Wherever you go in the country, you will find an Igbo man there.

“No Igbo man can vote for any other party in Ekiti State except the party I belong to because we are bonded with one another”

Chief Nathaniel Ezeonu who is the president-general of Ndigbo Community in South West told Fayose that they were interested in having their own market in the state.

He also begged the governor not to close Fayose market in Ekiti as it is believed to be populated by Igbo traders.


Olamide reveals title, release date for new album

​Nigerian rapper and YBNL nation boss, Olamide Ayodeji, popularly known by his first name has revealed the title and release date for his 6th studio album “The Glory”.

The multiple award winning recording artiste revealed that the album would be released on December 26, the same day as his highly anticipated concert, OLIC3.

The acclaimed “King of the street” made the revelation via his Instagram page.

The “Who You Epp” crooner apologized for the hiatus and has dedicated the album to his ‘Day 1’ fans.

“#TheGlory … drops on 26th of December the #OLIC3 day …. sorry for the wait … this is dedicated to the Day1 fans , Rap Music .. #TheGlory #StreetTape @emilynkanga – designed by @pheelzonthebeat”, he said.

“The Glory” album promises to be embodied with strictly rap music, a genre he gained a wide range of acceptance for.

The album is a follow up of his 5th studio album, “Eyan Mayweather”, which according to him was inspired by the late legendary boxer, Muhammad Ali.

Harrysong dumps Five Star Music, floats new brand

​Nigerian singer, songwriter, and performer, Harrison Tare Okiri, better known by his music name, Harrysong, has dumped Five Star Music to float a new brand, “ALTERPLATE“.


The award-winning artiste who was formerly signed to Questionmark Records has had a successful career with chart-topping records credited to him.

His career climaxed in 2014 after he released his groundbreaking single “Betterpikin” which went viral for a very long time.

Mr Songs, as he is called, has worked with colleagues in the industry especially with ex-label mates, KCEE and Skiibii.

The announcement of his exit from Five Star Music was seen in an Interview with PlanetTV and on his Instagram page where he posted a logo and captioned it “Alterplate”.

“We are unveiling a new platform; it’s a music platform not a label, it’s a music company owned by Harrysong. It’s not supposed to be surprising, my contract expired longtime ago, no no no no I’m not renewing”, he said.

In the interview, Harrysong sounded upset and unappreciated for efforts he had put into the success of his former label.

He revealed that he was signed to Fivestar Music as an artiste and he was also in charge of song writing, vocal coaching and music directing.

“What bothers me is not the work, what bothers me is the appreciation. You are helping someone that knows nothing and the person is feeling like he is helping you, he is not even feeling, he is telling you that he is helping you”.

You write a song for someone and the person is telling you if I don’t sing your song you don’t blow, it’s childishness, it’s……I don’t know” he added.

It is not particularly clear who he was referring to.

Nigerians in US: Our fears over Donald Trump’s Presidency

​Donald Trump

With his campaign messages that was unprecedented, hateful, gutter, racial and anti-democratic, not many, including those outside the US, believed or foresaw that the Republican party candidate, Donald Trump would emerge victorious in the just concluded presidential poll. Despite all these obvious odds, Trump defeated his closest rival and Democratic Party candidate, Hillary Clinton in the contest.
Since then, tongues have continued wagging within and outside the US over the possible implications of Trump’s presidency, if his campaign promises are to be implemented to the letter. For the first time in the history of US elections, protests have continued to trail Trump’s victory in some major cities in the country. Africans, Mexicans, Muslims and several other people and interests, who were the target of Trump’s campaign, have expressed different views on the president-elect, given his disposition to non-Americans.

Speaking to The Guardian from his base in New York, Mr Felix Ayanruoh said: “Let it be known that Trump is a misogynistic, racist, and bigot. He won because he used prejudices in the US to his advantage. The angry white men who do not want the 240-year male-dominated governance to come to an end, used all they had to make Trump President.

“The FBI director (James Comey) will readily come to mind. Furthermore, some white folks who see the human race not by the content of their character, but the colour of their skin, were hell bent in stopping a woman who will protect minority rights from getting to the White House. Finally, some who think that Trump, an unbeliever, will fight God’s battle, came out in millions to vote for him.

“Why won’t I as a Nigerian be scared of a man who said: “We need to get the Africans out. Not the blacks, the Africans especially the Nigerians. They’re everywhere. “We can’t have that! If I become president, we’ll send them all home. We’ll build a wall at the Atlantic Shore…“ He also said: “I went for a rally in Alaska and met just one African in the entire state. Where was he from? Nigeria! He is in Alaska taking our jobs. They are in Houston taking our jobs. He doesn’t care if the Nigerian is a citizen or a legal resident, all he cares about is that he is Nigerian and corrupt.”

Also in his remarks, a Chicago-based Nigerian Research Scientist, Mr Emman Onua told The Guardian that the seeds for Trump’s victory were planted a very long time ago.

“If you stop to think about it, how long ago were women allowed to vote in the United States? How long ago were Blacks and coloured folks allowed to vote?

“Trump lied, obfuscated and wangled his way into the presidency by playing on racial fears, by building imaginary walls to keep out Mexicans, by promising to undo laws that he knows he cannot and will not undo, and generally by telling his audience whatever they wanted to hear, no matter how unreasonable those promises sounded.”

Mr. Ikhide Ikheloa, a Nigerian who lives in Maryland, USA, said that many undocumented Nigerians are truly afraid of being separated from their children and loved ones and want Trump to distance himself from his campaign rhetoric and temper pragmatism with compassion.

He said: “In the aftermath of the elections, all over the land, there is anxiety. In schools, there are protests many young people are upset, because they may possibly lose their friends, because their parents are undocumented aliens. We are worried that if things are not addressed, the situation might spiral out of control.

“I don’t know of many people that are coming home. Many people over-estimated the power of the presidency. The real politics is local and outside of ideological differences. Who will be in the Supreme Court, immigration reform, etc at the local level of politics?

It could also be recalled that Former Minister of Foreign Affairs, Prof. Bolaji Akinyemi, has described Trump’s victory as a worrisome development, adding that it would be difficult to predict his policies towards Nigerians or Africans in the Diaspora and the continent itself.

He said: “It brings uncertainty into international politics because the world now has to deal with a man who is inexperienced, does not understand the complexities of international politics and has no respect for anyone who is not white or American. I think that is dangerous.

“There has always been an ugly side to the U.S., just as there is with every country in the world, but the good side in the U.S. has always prevailed, so that in tackling American problems, the interests of the U.S. are not defined in antagonism to the interest of the whole world.

But this victory of Trump is a victory of the ugly side of the U.S.”

Former Under Secretary-General of the United Nations (UN), Prof. Ibrahim Gambari, who spoke in like manner, however, said Trump’s victory should spur African leaders to promote policies in the interest of the citizens. This, according to him, will encourage development in the continent and reduce the flow of African citizens to western countries.

“As Africans, we have survived slavery, colonialism, apartheid; I think the strength of the African people will enable us to survive any negative consequences arising from this result.

“The important thing is for the leadership of our continent to put the people ahead of anything else and if the link between the people and the leadership is strong, then we will survive the decision by the Americans to electing Donald,” he said, expressing optimism that U.S. laws and institutions will protect Nigerians and Africans in the U.S.

In the same vein, a former Nigerian Ambassador to the United Nations (UN), Dapo Fafowora, said Trump’s victory is a lesson to Africans to remain at home and contribute to the development of their respective countries to reduce reliance on world economic powers.

His words: “There is nothing in his background to suggest he has any durable interest in Africa. I think it is a lesson for Nigerians; people should stay here and make contributions in developing our country.

“When people go abroad, they contribute to these foreign countries; one must agree that conditions are difficult, but if Nigerians abroad work half as hard as they do abroad in Nigeria, we will be a better country. I think it is a good development for Africa that we should look inwards and try to develop ourselves without relying on any major economic power.”

Meanwhile, as the world awaits Trump’s assumption of office on January 20 and his government’s policy directions that will determine the fate or otherwise of the US residents, fears, anxiety and uncertainty will continue to becloud the minds of the residents, especially the Blacks, illegal immigrants and some Muslims.

‘Why we intensified bombing of pipelines and ignored ceasefire pleas’

The Niger Delta Greenland Justice Mandate (NDGJM) yesterday explained why it did not listen to the Chief Edwin Kiagbodo Clark-led Pan Niger Delta Forum’s (PANDEF) plea to end the destruction of oil facilities in the region.

​Niger Delta militants

According to the spokesman of the upland-based NDGJM’s spokesman, ‘General’ Aldo Agbalaja, they clearly understood the psyche of the present Federal Government which core belief is to intimidate the people of the region with the military and not sincere about peaceful dialogue with the people, hence their resolve to sustain the campaign and pursuit of justice for their people.

Agbalaja said: “We will start by commending all the brave comrades from across the region, who have summoned the courage to join in and support the call to intensify actions against this faithless Nigerian administration, which core belief is in intimidation and the use of insincere tactics to steal from the supposedly weak.

“The Niger Delta Greenland Justice Mandate is well informed of their psyche, hence our resolve to sustain this campaign and pursuit of justice for our people.

“We are not ignorant of the fact that the Nigerian government, having exhausted all the gimmicks and deception up their sleeves, will soon resort to a blind harassment and arrest of our people, innocent albeit.

“Our message to you is to also expect consequences for your actions. If you harass and arrest our people, you will be initiating a new and more deadly mode of this campaign.

“Know that this struggle will not be put down, even if you arrest and kill half of the Niger Delta, remember the saying that ‘you may kill the messenger, but the message is immortal.”

Lara George has dropped TWO New Songs for December! Listen to “Eyin L’Oba” & “Nobody Greater”

​Gospel artist Lara George is back with two new singles!

The music star has just released “ Eyin L’Oba ” and “ Nobody Greater ” off her 2017 album called “A Slice of Heaven”.

Listen below.

Download Eyin L’Oba

Download Nobody Greater

MC Galaxy Signs New Artiste To Record Label

​The headman of MCG Empire, no other than MC Galaxy has enlisted a new artiste to his music imprint.

MC Galaxy aka “The king of new dance” has joined label heads like

Davido, Olamide in expanding the size of their existing label this November. The Akwa Ibom born singer and dancer has signed a new artiste “ Feelings ” to his thriving record label.

MC Galaxy made the announcement on instagram with a short clip of the new artiste with his contract paper at the MCG Empire headquarters. The clip showed “Feelings” walk into the building and being welcomed by label mates and affiliates.

The artiste joins other existent label mates Neza, Lybra and Kuvie. The new artiste “Feelings” hails from southern Nigeria, precisely Cross River State.

#SpecialAnnouncement : on behalf of @mcgempire and Family @nezamcg @kuviemcg @lybramcg and @woleogundare , we hereby welcome a new member to the Empire, HE IS A CALAAR BOY (IKOM)@feelingsmcg . We are multiplying worldwide. When God bless you Extend your Blessings to Others. #Realtalent #madvoice pls repost to support him



Man Says Thief Burnt In Lagos “Deserves To Die” (Pictures)

​▪ A social media user has narrated he and his family’s experience with the Alafia Bus stop thieves.

Recall that a photo went viral yesterday of a thief who was mobbed and subsequently burnt by angry Lagosians, the social media user, Harrison who is a presenter narrated the incident which he reported happened not far from his house.

Read his tweets below:

1. Let me share my own side of this lynching story. From where the alleged thief was burnt, to my house is a trekable.

2. It is a notorious bus-stop for phone thieves i.e Alafia, the bus-stop before Orile, if you’re coming from Mile 2.

3. I lost my blood brother to these thieves in January of this year. He was 20, & was coming back from dance rehearsal.

4. He was holding his friend’s Samsung Tab when the thieves approached him & without warning, stabbed him in the neck.

5. His friends didn’t know what happened cus he was at the back. After he was stabbed, he ran towards his friends…

6. And cried for them to help him, that he had been stabbed. Immediately after making that statement, he collapsed.

7. My bro. is huge in size, so it was difficult for his friends to lift him. Even when they did, nobody stopped for …

8. them or offered to take him to a hospital. A good Samaritan bikeman helped and took him to a near by quack hospital.

9. The hospital rejected him. It was a lost cause. So his friends abandoned his lifeless body on the road opposite the

10. hospital. One of them ran 2 my house to call me. I had just come back from d gym, i had only gym pants on, no shirt

11. I did an intense squat programme that day. Mind you, i never do squats in the gym. I flung my phone and ran out as

12. fast as my tired legs could carry me, half Unclad. I didn’t even know my mum was following me. I got to the hospital

13. and saw my brother’s lifeless body on the floor with dozens of people staring at him like he just landed on earth.

14. I fainted, but some folks revived me and put me on a bike with my bro’s body. They put my mum on another bike.

15. Some of our neigbours who had heard my mum screaming also followed us. It was difficult for the bike to balance cus

16. of my bro’s weight. So our neighbours carried him on their hands to another hospital, which also rejected him on

17. the spot. I heard a medical worker say, eleyi ti ku na, which translates to this one is dead na. I begged for them

18. to check him at least. They refused and told us to go the General hospital. We took off again inside a keke…

19. I was half-Unclad at the busstop begging bike men, keke & anything on wheels to help lift my brother. None answered

12. Long story cut short, my family is still recovering from the trauma of that night. Sometimes, my mum waits for us

13. to go to bed, before draining herself in her tears. It has been months, but go and see my mum now. She looks frail

14. and has been aging rapidly, thanks to over thinking. When i don’t pick my call, she goes into panic mode. She might

15. never recover. I sent messages to @YomiShogunle and @rrslagos767 and also to @aleeygiwa. @aleeygiwa called back &

16. we spoke for minutes. I complained about that busstop and that we reported to the near by Police station, but they

17. refused to do anything. @aleeygiwa promised to visit and check out the notorious spot himself. I’ve been waiting

18. since January. Now, read carefully. After the murder of my brother, i have heard that close to a dozen people have

19. lost their lives to the same phone thieves at Alafia busstop. I happen to know one. A young and newly married man

12. who had a shop close 2 my street. I have also met people who have escaped these murderers by a whisker. The thieves

21. in Alafia busstop don’t ask for your phone. They stab you and then take it from you. On Saturday, i was preparing

22. to head out for a soccer match when a friend called. He sounded excited, like he just won a lottery. ”Obi, he said

23. i just witnessed the lynching of a thief in the same busstop your brother was murdered.” My mum was close by. so

24. i told her what my pal just told me. This was what she said ” The spirit of Obinna(my brother) will not rest until

25. his killers are dead. I didn’t heed 2 calls to go to a shrine. I know my son can fight for himself, dead or alive”

26. See, it is easy to speak up against lynching when you’ve never been a victim of these fuckers. You don’t have

27. nightmares like my entire family does. You can speak up because you have never ever seen your dad cry like a baby

28. over the death of his son, or your mum continuously deteriorating as a result of over thinking. Praying day & night

29. that she doesn’t loose another child 2 these murderers. I was defending d thief, thinking it was truly a 7 year old

30. It just connected, when i saw the tweets from @YomiShogunle confirming it was the same thief that my friend called

31. about. If i was there, i would have personally bought d fuel used in burning him. The thieves had no plans to stop

32. Hopefully, when the community starts to take matters into their hands and show these retards that we mean business,

33. they might stop making families miserable. And oh, these guys once threw a man off that Alafia bridge for refusing

34. to hand over his phone. I am against lynching by the way. But this particular issue is very personal to me. Thanks

The Real Story: The Person Burnt Alive In Lagos By An Angry Mob Was Not A 7 Year Old Boy Who Stole Garri

No one is in support of jungle justice, but the informations that we’ve gathered concerning the whole incident, has made us realize that the thief and his gang had brought so much pain and agony to so many families in Alafia, and that was what made the residents there to take laws into their hands– they did what they did because they felt the Police and the law won’t give the culprit the right justice he deserved and might even go scot-free

Number one Fact is the thief Did not steal Garri But A Phone

Number two he is not 7 years old he is in his early 20’s.

A Twitter user had shared that he knew the ‘man’ who was been lynched to death at the time…

He shared:

Nigerians Demand To PUNISH Those Watching Boy Burnt To Death

​A video of a 7-year-old boy who was badly beaten and burnt to death in Lagos on Wednesday moring, November 16, has caused a stir and anger online.


The unnamed child was allegedly killed in a jungle justice act for stealing. The incident was filmed by one of the witnesses who was among of those watching the boy die and doing nothing to stop it.

Thousands of Nigerians took to social media, including Facebook and Twitter, demanding the police to find those behind the sick act as well as merciless bystanders and punish them accordingly.


Watch Video Below

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