The Real Story: The Person Burnt Alive In Lagos By An Angry Mob Was Not A 7 Year Old Boy Who Stole Garri

No one is in support of jungle justice, but the informations that we’ve gathered concerning the whole incident, has made us realize that the thief and his gang had brought so much pain and agony to so many families in Alafia, and that was what made the residents there to take laws into their hands– they did what they did because they felt the Police and the law won’t give the culprit the right justice he deserved and might even go scot-free

Number one Fact is the thief Did not steal Garri But A Phone

Number two he is not 7 years old he is in his early 20’s.

A Twitter user had shared that he knew the ‘man’ who was been lynched to death at the time…

He shared:


Nigerians Demand To PUNISH Those Watching Boy Burnt To Death

​A video of a 7-year-old boy who was badly beaten and burnt to death in Lagos on Wednesday moring, November 16, has caused a stir and anger online.


The unnamed child was allegedly killed in a jungle justice act for stealing. The incident was filmed by one of the witnesses who was among of those watching the boy die and doing nothing to stop it.

Thousands of Nigerians took to social media, including Facebook and Twitter, demanding the police to find those behind the sick act as well as merciless bystanders and punish them accordingly.


Watch Video Below

Nigerians React To News Of 7-Year-Old Boy Who Was Beaten And Burnt To Death For Stealing Garri

​PDP’s New Media Director, Deji Adeyanju shared a photo of a young boy said to be about 7-year-old who was allegedly given jungle justice as he was beaten severely by a mob and burnt to death. The location of the incident is unknown.

Nigerians have taken to Twitter to react to the dastardly act.

“ I’ve always said this, Jungle Justice is a barbaric act that must be condemned by all, see what was done to a 7yr old becos he stole garri.:'( — Mr. Olisaemeka ™ (@OlisaOsega) November 16, 2016


‘ Phone, garri, money.. Whatever he stole, That’s a child for God’s sake.. 😐   A L I Y U (@aliiyu__) November 16, 2016


‘ This is hard to stomach… A 7yr killed because of Garri. For God sake!! People are Evil.. Poverty is not an Excuse!! — Ari Gold (@Baffah__g) November 16, 2016


‘ Steal Billions and become a Chairman in your Area, and Chieftaincy bestowed on you by your People, Steal Garri and be Burnt, Jungle Justice — Akpos (@officialsimcard) November 16, 2016


‘ If you were one of those that killed that boy over garri, or you just even watched you are going to hell — Oluwashina (@Nijafineboy) November 16, 2016


‘ You people will be running 🏃 after politicians stealing our billions and you burnt someone for stealing garri or cellphone…. — Snapchat: Cheyee_b (@Cheyee_B) November 16, 2016


‘ Jungle justice isn’t the solution, be it Garri or cellphone, 7 years or 30 years…. He doesn’t deserve to be lynched or burnt. Xoxo wrong — Snapchat: Cheyee_b (@Cheyee_B) November 16, 2016


‘ God will not have mercy on a country where kids are burnt to death for stealing Garri. — Dr. Dipo Awojide (@OgbeniDipo) November 16, 2016

Our Justice system.

Steal billions > 1month in a luxurious prison.

Steal millions > 1year. 

Thousands >10years.

Phone/garri > Burn alive. — Umeh and 99 others (@UmehOMA) November 16, 2016

‘ A 7yr old boy stole garri & U burn im 2 death But wen Politicians fleece ur future away wt deir pen, U hail dem God’s judgement awaits u! Olumuyiwa Amao (@talk2smat) November 16, 2016


‘ The depressing thing about the 7yr old who was burnt alive for stealing garri, is that even before the court of law, he is still a juvenile. — Charles the 1st (@9jaBloke) November 16, 2016


‘ They killed that kid because of garri? Come on!!! Ordinary garri? He was hungry, nobody fit give am 2cups, then, warn am? — D’Padre™ (@D_WarEagle) November 16, 2016


‘ Anyone who steals Garri right now should be given groundnut and Sugar, not burnt to death. — Witty_Wicked_Wizard (@iam_oyebode) November 16, 2016


‘ But then, how much garri would that child have stolen just to satiate hunger that was induced by irresponsible governance, to deserve death? — Charles the 1st (@9jaBloke) November 16, 2016


‘ I hope @NGRSenate pushes a bill against jungle justice as fast as they amended the CCB/CCT Act..d killing of a boy over Garri is 1 too many — Oladapo Temitayo (@OladapoTemitay1) November 16, 2016


‘ He stole garri.

He stole a phone. Whatever he stole, his life has more value but people proved otherwise. — Blaq (@thatblaqdude) November 16, 2016


‘ Let me enlighten you. We have pack of liars, thieves in our government, yet we killed a 7 yr for garri.

#HeWasNotAThiefHeWasHungry— Adetutu Balogun (@Tutsy22) November 16, 2016


‘ if U See Pple stealing ur Garri,Dont kill or Mock them,it’s hunger.Just add Sugar&Groundnut for them & Pray that u shouldnt b in Their Shoes — JAGABAN (@UNCLE_AJALA) November 16, 2016


‘ This cruelty is becoming unbecoming. how can you kill a kid just because he stole garri? Haba.. — ƊaN’ (@Dinnydavinci) November 16, 2016

See How 7-year Old Boy Was Beaten and Burnt To Death In Lagos For Stealing Garri (Photos + Video)

​A 7-year old boy was reportedly lynched in the Badagry area of Lagos for attempting to steal garri from a trader’s shop

It is unclear why the Nigerian Police did not respond to the situation. Jungle justice is fairly common in many Nigerian cities, where the sense that the system cannot provide justice compels mobs to mete out immediate ‘justice’.

Watch Video Below


  This is so Bad, Our government should please help Stop Jungle Justice … This is just Pure wickedness.


​They say marriages are made in heaven. But on Earth every person is only human and are bound to commit mistakes, as the flesh is weak they say.


In India at least marriages come with a lifetime warranty. Till death do they part, literally.Divorce is a recent trend, a trend which has been on the rise. There can be various reasons for getting a divorce. It could be the husband’s mistake. Or maybe he didn’t pay enough attention and that made her move away from him.Here are some reasons why women walk out of a marriage. 

Reasons why women walk out of a marriage are: 

1.Lack of emotional bonding: One of the primary reasons why women walk out of a marriage is lack of emotional bonding.Women need to feel that emotional connection and only that can lead to love or intimacy. 

2.She Doesn’t Feel Loved Nor Desired: Every human being wants to feel loved and desired. It is but natural that a woman expects the same from her husband.But when her needs aren’t met it will make her walk out of the unhappy marriage. 

3.He Has An Addiction: Addiction is one of the major reasons why women get a divorce from their husbands.Drinking or smoking occasionally isn’t a problem but indulging in it,day in and day out causes problems for the whole family.Substance abuse is another reason why women walk out of a marriage.

 4.Financial Insecurity: Women often walk out of marriages when their husbands lose a job or lose their entire savings in the stock market.An unstable financial situation causes women to panic and they go forth in search of greener pastures.But times have changed and women nowadays work and earn on their own. Marriages that are based upon understanding survive,others will end at the local court.

 5.Physical And Mental Abuse: Women are known to handle extreme physical pain and mental stress. But if they are pushed to the limits they will walk out of the marriage. Physical abuse is one of the main reasons why women divorce their husbands.

 6.Infidelity: Infidelity or cheating is a major cause for divorces. It is the same for men and women; they just cannot handle the truth that their partner’s wavered. More than the physical part they are often shocked that their partner betrayed them emotionally. Women are known to be more forgiving. Even then there are exceptions and infidelity has caused women to walk out of marriages and get a divorce.

14 ways to keep your relationship strong

​We’ve all heard that a relationship “takes work,” but what does that mean exactly?


Frankly, it sounds like drudgery. Who wants to spend hours at an office only to come home to job number two? Wouldn’t it be more pleasant to think of your relationship as a source of comfort, fun, and pleasure?

Of course it would. That said, here are some basic fixes if things feel stagnant, if the good times are becoming few and far between, if arguing is your main form of communication, or if you just feel that you need a tune-up.  And they might even be enjoyable.

1. Don’t argue over money : It’s practically a guaranteed relationship killer. If you haven’t yet had a conversation about how money is earned, spent, saved, and shared, do it now.  Try to get an understanding of how each of you sees your financial life, and where the differences are. Then address them.

2. Try not to focus on trifles : Is it worth fighting about? More to the point, is it really a trifle? Often a seemingly minor issue is a manifestation of a larger problem. Talk about what’s really bothering you, instead of how loud the TV is.

3. Share your thoughts: Your hopes. Your fears. Your passions. Let your partner know who you really are.  Set aside some time each day just to talk about the things that are important to each of you, as individuals.

4. Be friendly: Treat your partner the way you’d treat a good and trusted friend: with respect, consideration, and kindness.

5. Resolve arguments together: When couples fight, it’s all too easy to get locked into a win/lose dynamic . Think of your disagreement as a problem for you both to solve, not a fight for you to win. Think of saying “we” before giving into the temptation of casting blame on the other person.

6. Show affection daily: Sex is one thing. Holding hands, a hug, a squeeze on the arm – all create connection and trust. If you’re not getting as much attention as you want, let it be known.

7. Focus on the positive: What do you

appreciate about your partner? What first attracted you?  What do you treasure about your life together?

8. Be supportive: Nothing kills a buzz like a negative or absent response to something you’re enthusiastic about.

9. Words plus deeds: Saying “I love you” carries much more weight when you consistently do things that your partner values.

10. Recognize that all relationships have ups and downs: Think long-term. Your relationship is an investment, like the stock market.  Ride out the down times. With the right kind of attention, they will be temporary.

11. Respect each other when arguing: It is all too tempting to use whatever ammunition you’ve got in the heat of battle.  Ask yourself, where will it get you? A partner who is likely to come to your side, or one who will get even more defensive? Ask your partner how he or she sees the problem.

12.Have each other’s back: and let that be known.

13. Set goals as a couple: Talk about how you want your relationship to look in a year, five years, ten years. Then work toward that goal.

14. Make your partner a priority: That is why you’re in this relationship in the first place.. 

Cossy Ojiakor Commends Ex Miss Anambra For Showing Her The Cucumber Way

Big boob queen Cossy Ojiakor, openly commends ex-Miss Anambra, Chidinma Okeke for showing her other ways to self pleasure herself … Cossy said she can now manage ” cucumber, even plantain sef ” during this economic recession when sex toys are expensive.

She said:

Hmmm in Abuja and freaking bored…@ijeomaimoh pls sweets I need this ur makeup artist… She did her job wella..maybe she can make up my p….as my man is far away… I can manage .. bananas… cucumber… plantian sef…thanks Miss A..for showing us the way… in this recession no money to replace my rampant rabbit……. Hahahha #girl #power #self #love. #whatever #free #miss #A #horny #tonight #hala #activist #humanrights #nollywood .

‘I can become Nigeria’s Donald Trump In 2019’

​One of Nigeria’s renowned comedians, “Seyi Law’’, has declared that he will run for the post of the president in the upcoming 2019 Presidential Election.


The comedian made the declaration on his Instagram page on Wednesday.

“I am Aletile Oluwaseyitan Lawrence aka “Seyi Law’’ and I am running for the highest office in the land in 2019, “he wrote on Instagram.

“It is time to take the bull by the horns; youthful and working towards a new Nigeria.

“I believe I can also pull a Donald Trump on Nigerians in 2019 and the campaign has started.

“Why aim low when you can aim high?

He said he believed that status quo change was what Nigeria needed to regain its place as a force to reckon with, adding that the energy and knowledge of the Nigerian Youth must be put to positive use.

“It is high time we acknowledged the ingenuity of our vibrant men and women to ensure proper representation at the different levels of governance and not mere reduction to PAs and SAs.

“We must ensure we retain our best brains in the country and adequately make provision to reform our educational institutions, healthcare system and industries.

“Our ways of learning must change to meet required standard,” he said.

By this declaration, Seyi Law has joined fellow comedian, Basketmouth, who had earlier declared his intention to contest for the post of president in 2019.

10 reasons ladies go into prostitution in Nigeria

​Prostitution is as old as the world itself and while people wonder why women would choose to sell themselves for money, there reasons they go into it.

Prostitution, like it is generally known, is as old as the world itself and what was once a thing of shame, is now practiced in the full glare of the public.

Some women have even glamorized the trade and some see it as very lucrative, especially those that manage to travel out of the country to engage in prostitution.

But there are reasons why some ladies take to it and most of the reasons may not just be far from the realities in the country.

BLOGJIST brings you top 10 reasons Nigerian women go into prostitution.

1. Poverty

The first excuse that is given for the proliferation of prostitution has to be poverty, especially if the lady comes from a poverty stricken background.

Young ladies whose parents are incapable of taking care of them and their siblings, tend to go into prostitution so as to make ends meet and take care of their families.

2. Unemployment

It is not every prostitute that is lazy or just willing to sell herself for money. Some of them go into it because there are no jobs for them to do to take care of their needs.

Some of them are well educated but with no job readily available for them to do, they decide to sell themselves for money. »

3. Peer Pressure

This is another reason ladies go into the trade of prostitution. Some of the ladies involved are often pressurized into the trade because their friends are into it and they do not let them know the dangers involved in it, only the glamorous part of it.

And before they get to know the dangerous repercussions, they are neck deep into it and find it difficult to get out.

4. Laziness

Some ladies are naturally lazy and expect a man to cater for every of their needs. They want to live the high life, buy high-end clothes, travel around the world and live life to a hilt but they are not willing to work hard for the lifestyle.

So they feel the best way to enjoy both worlds is to become a prostitute.

5. Sexual Addiction

For many, this reason may not be strong enough but research has shown that some ladies go into prostitution because they have a high sexual libido and it is often very difficult for one man to satisfy them sexually.

So they feel the best thing to do is to go into prostitution where they will get an array of men every day to have sex with them.

6. Lack of Parental Care

Some parents do not care about what happens to their children, neither do they feel it is their duty to give them the right guidance as they are growing up.

Such children usually end up getting advice from friends and most times, these advice turn out to be poor.

Children who are from broken homes, with no one to lead them on the right path, are often open to such temptations and they usually fall into the wrong hands.

7. Heartbreak

Believe it or not, a lady who is heartbroken may be tempted to take vengeance on men by becoming a prostitute.

These ladies have very fragile hearts and if a man they love so much breaks their hearts, they feel the urge to take revenge by sleeping with other men, with the wrong notion that they are hurting the man who hurt them too.

8. Money

The overriding reason for women engaging in prostitution is the money they can make from the trade.

In an economy that there are so many uncertainties due to the harsh climate, sex still sells and the ladies reckon that they will always make ends meet if they sell themselves.

9. Victims of Rape and Trafficking

Some of the commercial sex workers we have in Nigeria today are victims of sex slavery, rape, child labour and trafficking.

Those who are sexually abused or raped when they are young see nothing great, divine or important about sex.

Their conceptions about sex have been derailed due to their childhood experiences. Some have low-self esteem and other sexual disorders that later lead them into prostitution.

Some young ones are forced and forced into sex slavery, pornography and prostitution.

10. Loneliness

Loneliness is another reason that can push women into prostitution, believe it or not. A woman who has been abandoned by a man can feel desolate and to prove she is wanted by men, decides to go into prostitution.

Trailer accident causes another gridlock on Lagos / Ibadan Expressway

​Scores of commuters were subjected to trekking long distances on Wednesday morning following a multiple accident involving about five articulated vehicles on the Kara Bridge of the Lagos/Ibadan Expressway.


A speeding trailer loaded with petrol, witnesses said, caused the accident when it rammed into others, exploded and caught fire which extended to the others.

The accident, which occurred on the Lagos outbound lane of the bridge, forced several drivers to park, turning the scene into a spectacle

A correspondent of the News Agency of Nigeria who passed through the scene observed that some of the vehicles were still burning on the bridge.

NAN also saw officials of the Federal Fire Service making frantic efforts to put out the fire.

Also, officers of the Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC) cordoned-off the area to prevent other losses; but they did not confirm the number of deaths from the accident.

NAN also observed that those trekking were people living in Ibafo, Mowe, Warewa, Prayer City area and Arepo in Ogun working or going to transact various businesses in Lagos State.

Also affected were those travelling to Lagos from other parts of Nigeria as well as those travelling outside Lagos.

The gridlock that started from the Kara Bridge, close to the popular Julius Berger Bus Stop, stretched to Asese, a few kilometres away from the Redemption Camp as at 8 a.m.

Similarly, the queue formed by the Lagos outbound vehicles had stretched from the scene to Magodo, opposite the Lagos State Secretariat complex.

Many intending passengers that had wanted to travel to Lagos were stranded at their various bus stops because majority of the commercial buses that could have conveyed them were held in the traffic.

A witness, who identified himself as Suraju Fadele, said the accident occurred at about 4 a.m.

Mr. Fadele, a butcher, said that the accident was caused by a fast moving unmarked trailer loaded with petroleum products that ran into another articulated vehicle and immediately exploded.

“I was waiting by the road side for my friend with some others to display our beef for the early morning market sales.

“Suddenly, I saw a trailer on top speed moving toward our side and passed us.

“A few metres away from us, we heard a loud explosion which made us run for dear lives, and afterwards, we saw huge billows of fire on the bridge.

“We realised that the trailer must have rammed into other articulated vehicles on the bridge because there were many of them there as at that time.

“The problem with the accident is that nobody could move near the scene because of the raging fire,’’ he said.

Another witness, who simply identified himself as Bashir, lamented the reckless and dangerous manner articulated vehicles usually drive on the road.

“What caused the accident was simply speeding. The driver of the tanker was on top speed and I wonder why such a speed.

“Before I could look ahead, he had rammed into another trailer ahead of it.

“When the trailer sped past us, we remarked that its driver was speeding and within a twinkle of an eye, we heard the loud bang followed by a raging fire.

“There was another trailer under repair on the bridge which I think was loaded with rice; the trailer must have rammed into it,” Bashir said.

The Lagos-Ibadan Expressway had witnessed similar accidents earlier in the year. On January 7, some passengers lost their lives in a similar incident.

Also, on July 21, some passengers lost their lives in an accident.

However, Julius Berger Plc, a construction company, had commenced the rehabilitation of a part of the expressway from Sagamu Interchange Bridge to the Lagos end of the defunct old toll gate around 7-Up.

Similarly, Reynold Construction Company (RCC) is handling the stretch from Sagamu Interchange Bridge to Ibadan end of the defunct toll gate.

The former President Goodluck Jonathan-led administration awarded the contracts for the rehabilitation of the road to both companies.

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