Popular Ponzi scheme, MMM, dominates Google trend  

Lagos – The Mavrodi Mondial Moneybox, popular Ponzi scheme known as MMM, payment suspension for one month was top on Google search this week, an official said on Thursday.  

Mr Taiwo Kola-Ogunlade, Google’s Communications and Public Affairs Manager, Anglophone West Africa, made the disclosure in a statement in Lagos.  He said that the search was as from Dec. 7 to 14.  

According to him, it is described as a period of shocking realities and rumours, as some of the stories that trended this week include the popular Ponzi scheme MMM, the collapse of a church in Uyo.  

He said that the rumour of an air crash and the election of a new president in Ghana, among several others, also got people’s attention online.  

“An air of panic started on the Internet, following the news that popular Ponzi known as MMM is suspending further payment to its existing members for one month.  

“The anxiety which has followed the decision has been met with varied reflections by people, who see the suspension as an impending collapse,”  Kola-Ogunlade said.  

Countdown to the Grammys Award and following several months of speculations, the 59th Grammy Awards which would be broadcasted live on Feb. 12, 2017, was filled with as much surprises as expected, Kola-Ogunlade said.  

He said that leading the award list was Beyonce, with a total of nine nominations including albums of the year, while Drake, Rihanna and Kanye West got recognised for eight nominations for different songs. 

 He said that once again, the leading hitmaker and singer, Tekno dropped a new song ‘Rara’ as the year 2016 draws to a close.  “The song which is laced with an afrobeat led tune was produced by Selebobo.

  “The song moved away from his regular crooning on women and money and the high life, to a reflection on the state of affairs in Nigeria,” he said.  

The Google manager said that Ghana’s presidential election saw Nana Akufo-Addo being elected as president and Nigerians went on Google search to support their all-time jollof rice rival. 

 “The incumbent president of the country, President John Mahama, has conceded defeat to the newly-elected president who was running for the third time this year. 

 “Mahama expressed his intentions to help him settle into his new job with ease,” he said.  

The roofs came tumbling down and the day that was meant to be a consecration turned into a mourning day, Kola-Ogunlade said.  According to him, the day was meant to be a consecration into a life of service at the Reigners Bible International Church became a trending topic for tragedy after its church building collapsed.  

“The incident led to the death of over 200 people with several others sustaining injuries.  

“Akwa Ibom State Governor, Emmanuel Udom who was reported to have attended the event, survived with his aide. Authorities are already investigating the incident,” he said.  

Kola-Ogunlade said that the Dana Air rumoured plane crash got people’s attention online  

“Dana Air came out to deny the report in a newspaper which claimed that one of its plane crashed in Lagos.  

“Refuting the report, the management of the airline company expressed that it was a false news, and the pictures used along with the story was of a past incident,” he said.  

The Google manager listed other trending stories this week as the regular update search on the English Premier League, news on the detained leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, Mr Nnamdi Kanu.  

He said that Kanu stated that the secrets he would reveal at his ruling would ‘sink Nigeria. 

 Also searched for was Cristiano Ronaldo who again, wins the Balls D’or for the fourth time, as well as the release of the new song, ‘The Ultimate Street Anthem’ by Olamide and Burna Boy. 

 The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that Google Trends launched in May, 2006, allows one to see how popular, search terms and its demography have been over time on Google. (NAN)  


Please Advice Me: I Am Still A V!rg!n And My Boss Wants To Have S*x With Me – Nigerian Girl Cries Out

I graduated from Uniben for 6 years now with no job . I manage to get a good paying and mouth watering job through my sister ’ s friend .

The manager employed me in proxy of the CEO, in which the CEO will be back to the firm nextweek . My manager threatens to report negative feedback to the CEO because i refused to sleep with him .

Whatever the manager tells the CEO, the CEO effects . I need this job i am fed up and tired of joblessness .

I cant leave this job now. Please if you have experience this before advise me on what to do and how you came out of this tragedy 


There are so many benefits embedded in having a cucumber and feasting on the goodness daily. In order to learn the educational values of this vegetable, it will be good for us not to focus on the carnal use of it. Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Amazing health benefits of having one cucumber per day Consuming cucumber daily is healthy since it is made mostly. The low-calorie vegetable is one of the most grown vegetables in the world. There are so many health benefits accrued to eating cucumber like every other fruits and vegetables.

This vegetable with a unique taste can be combined with many meals in order to tap from the benefits. Eating cucumber daily will keep you from being dehydrated since it is made of about 95 percent of water.

One should be careful in selecting the cucumber to be eaten. Pick the ones with round edges with a colour that ranges from bright to dark green. Soft cucumbers are not as fresh as the hard ones and this may affect the quality too. Here are some of the reasons why you should fee your body with at least one cucumber in a day:

1. Promotes skin health: Taking one or two cucumbers daily will prevent your skin from getting dried. Cucumber is made mostly of water, it also contains ascorbic and caffeic acids. These compounds prevent the body from losing water. Cucumbers contain magnesium,potassium and silicon. This is one of the reasons why they are being used in spas for treatment.

2. Helps get rid of toxins Another: Reason why you should always eat cucumber is because it helps detoxify the body. The toxins in the body get flushed out when you take this vegetable regularly. It also helps to dissolve kidney stones.

3. Good for a healthy heart: Cucumbers contain an appreciable amount of potassium. High levels of potassium helps reduce the chances of having strokes and other heart related diseases. Eat more cucumbers to increase the potassium levels in your body. They help in regulating the blood pressure.

4. Helps get rid of hangover: Having a bad day after consuming so much booze? You can get over the hangover by taking cucumbers as they are a good cure for that. The electrolytes contained in it will revitalize your body and jolt you back to reality.

5. Helps in fighting cancer: Cucumbers contain high levels of polyphenols like lariciresinol, secoisolariciresinol and pinoresinol. These substances help in fighting cancer.

6. Good for the eyes: Placing slices of cucumber under the eyes is good for you as they will help reduce the puffiness of the eyes and make you full of energy. It is useful in enhancing visual beauty. The vitamins contained in cucumbers will boost your immunity and keep you healthy. See some of the health benefits of cucumber in this video below:

                     Click To Watch

Guys & Ladies Read 3 Reasons Why Online Dating Can Be A Terrible Experience

​There is no harm in connecting with people on the internet but especially looking for someone to date is not a very cool idea, as common as it has become. It is, indeed , convenient and saves a lot of trouble of actually going out and socializing but it is not the best idea, certainly not because everyone is doing it.

1 . Potential Liars :

Let ’ s face it ; more than half of the profiles on dating sites or other socializing sites are either fake ones or handled by liars who are ready to make up all sorts of lies to look good to the person they are trying to impress.

Half of them are either just scam willing to waste your time and the other half do not really put any thought into the future meetings, they only seek to impress. Women and men, both , tell lies but about different things that turn out to be trust- breaking in the future .

Low salary or more weight are not what disappoint people , it is the lying that turns them off. So potential liars are the first reason why online- dating can be a terrible experience

2 . The Long Distance Thing:

Imagine you liked a guy who lives in Canada while you live in USA ; not even in a different state but in Canada . You go bonkers over not being able to meet him and it kills you because he seems like the perfect guy.

You agree to take on a long- distance relationship but for how long? There have to be some meetings, otherwise it is almost impossible to keep track of each other ’ s lives . What if they have another online friend just like you?

What if they are not able to reach their phones all the time? Just imagine the pain of knowing someone so good exists but in a land far away.

3 . We Try Not To Be Ourselves :

This is the worst possible thing about online dating . The fear of not being good enough for the person with interesting hobbies makes us fake ourselves . We try to be someone we are not and not only does that make us insecure but can be a problem when our real self comes out.

We fail to see that being the perfect person for a date is not the goal ; being yourself is what you need to do and see if the other person likes it .


The first lady of the country, Aisha, shared this lovely photo of her daughter Zahra, and her husband to be, Ahmed who are set to Wed tomorrow.

This is the first photo of the couple seen together – the family had denied the initial first photo which circulated the media as their pre-wedding photo.

The first lady shared the photo and asked Nigerians to join her in prayers.


Dr Osato Osemwengie, a Nigerian who builds drones for the U.S Army, bags his 6th Masters degree, set for his 7th Masters and 4th PhD, he shared these photos with the caption:

6 master degrees, not bad. I was in the State of Ohio on Monday December 12th, 2016 for my Masters of Business Administration (MBA) graduation. This is my 6th master degree and will begin work on my 7th master degree in January 2017, and my 4th Ph.D. degree at University of Texas at Dallas in September of 2017. You know the proverb, “All work and no play makes jack a dull boy” well, for me, all work and my play is acquiring graduate degrees. Learning is relaxing and takes my mind of my job projects.

January 14th 2017 Is The Official Burial Date Of MMM Nigeria

Nigerians will never stop to amaze me this MMM scenerio further more illustrates the saying that Common Sense is not actually Common.

Since MMM Nigeria froze its users’ accounts According to many MMM Crusaders online have come to its defense according to many of them they are so blindly and dont want to accept the facts even when it is staring at them eye ball to eye so many of them say this “This Christmas period everyone would want to GH (Get Help Aka Collect their Money) and that won’t be good for the system, so this freezing will control the rate of GH and make it orderly”.

Well sorry to burst your bubble because this logic is a completely failed logic Its dead on Arrival.

Firstly it defiles MMM Nigeria’s own Principle; Put N100k and get 30% of your money in 30days (They never informed their Participants about any type of extra 30days Compulsory wait period)

Secondly They have failed all their Participants woofully i personally know people who stategically put in money last month Just because of Christmas and New year Celebrations and have already planned out how they are going to use this money. some where so confident in MMM they even borrowed money and made promises based on their trust in MMM.

Thirdly We all know that January is a time in Nigeria where we all have just spent alot of money during the festive period and not only that we now have house, rent school fees and many other expenses to renew at this time, as a matter of facts many Nigerians share the ideology that January is the Hardest Period in Nigeria abeg tell me where then does MMM expect people to then get “Spare Money” to pump into their system??????

Not only that, take for example lets assume that they are 3million mmm Participants and 2.5million of them where requesting to GH(Collect Their Money) this december, and only 500k where available to PH(Give them Money), lets assume this was why the system had to be frozen because the equation was uneven, now explain to me exactly where MMM will get the remaining 2million people that will have “Spare Money” to pump into their system??????

They say jan 14th is the day accounts will be Unfozen but i say this is the official burial date off MMM, Beacause even if on January 14th 2017 MMM unfreezes their Participants accounts do you think more people will want to join such system that can freeze your accounts without any Prior warning at anytime?  who knows maybe the next time they will freeze accounts it will be for 3months, They have used their own hands to destroy their Credibility.

The funny thing is this i take my last statement back, MMM has not lost its Credibility as a matter of facts they did not do anything wrong and you will be shocked to know that i dont even say this Sarcastically;

Now take for example MMM Alerted Nigerians about this 30days Freeze do you know that it would not have made any single difference?? How You May Ask Right???

Lets take for example on the first of october MMM Announces that on the 1st of december the system is going to be frozen Okay sounds like a genius idea right??? now people who paid in money october will be paid by people who put in money November now who will pay those November People???? We will still have this exact same scenario where some group of persons will have their money trapped inside the system, A Word they say is enough for the wise MMM is going to crash one day and the last set of people aka let us call them “November People” will loose out big time. 

Source: Gossip Mill Nigeria


Chiamaka Chuddy Ugorji wedded her husband Chuddy Ugorji in a lavish wedding that buzzed all over social media on Saturday, November 12, 2016.

MMM Nigeria froze its users’ accounts yesterday and she has reached out to participants in an open letter.

She wrote:

Fellow die hard participants

It is with calm and calculated mindset that I am writing to you, if I say I don’t feel your worries, I lie. The pause in MAVRO was necessary having in mind that it’s better to struggle in the morning and enjoy in the evening meaning it was necessary so we can still have a robust well structured MMM by JANUARY.

In times like this all we should do is restructure our budget plan and forge ahead in anticipation of a beautiful extraordinary January, goldsmiths strike the metal when very hot, it’s time to see the opportunity that is inherent in this situation and tap into it.

Furthermore I implore you all to be your brothers keeper, your downlines are practically your family, help calm their frail nerves, give them the hope they seek and for those that were dependent on the proceeds that was to come this December to enjoy the season, invite them to share in whatever you have so we all exhibit the bond that MMM ideology preaches.

You are all important and I want you to calm and trust the system.


Why do people pray for MMM to crash? …

Around the world, mainly in Nigeria, MMM have helped thousands of people sustain a living.

Today, it entered a temporary #pause mode, and so many people and media will come out to make the masses panic the more.

Now let me ask..

* what do we do when people owing us tell us to give them one month to pay? WE WAIT!

* what do we do when our employer tell use he cant pay salary for 2 months due to accrued debts? WE WAIT!

* All the civil servants that the government have been owing for months, what do they do? THEY WAIT!

*what do ladies that are dating and the fiancee promised them next December, what do they do? THEY WAIT!

* all the campaign promised that are promised to us and is to be fulfilled, what are we doing? WE ARE WAITING!

* most of us spent millions to get a certificate in various schools, yet no job, what are we doing? WE ARE WAITING!


Most of us have made 5 × of what we started with in MMM so… WHY CANT WE BELIEVE IN THIS SYSTEM NOW.







na people when nor dey do MMM dey shout pass.

Chiamaka & Chuddy’s wedding which took place at Elshadai Covenant Church, 7 social club road, Abulegba Lagos, witnessed large turnout of well-wishers and MMM guiders and participants.

Also, reports have it that, Chuddy is the man who brought MMM to Nigeria and he currently has lots of Participants registered under him.


Nigerians were thrown into confusion yesterday, Tuesday, December 13, 2016, after MMM Nigeria announced it was freezing its operations for the month of December.

With this state of uncertainty, there are new claims that a Nigerian is the mastermind of MMM Nigeria.

His name is Chuddy Anayo and he is popularly referred to as ”The MMM number one Guider” – He seems to have Guided the Moniesof many Nigerians Into A very big Pit, Thats Word to Somto Monanu

If you visit the MMM Testimonial page you will agree with me that Oga chuddy haf finish all una money… According to sources this Chuddy is the head Admin of MMM he is the one who brought mmm into nigeria he is the one who runs things at MMM just the way Mark Zuckerberg runs Facebook, People fail to realise that a Website cannot create itself a human being has to see through its day to day activities and chuddy is the one behind mmm and the same chuddy is also a participant of this same MMM and this same chuddy is also the number one Guider on this same MMM dont you already see that there is already A Red flag… well below is screen shot of money he has been collecting and displaying publicly only god knows the one he took in Private… he even collected some money a whopping N6M on the 8th of december chai oga chuddy will paint his village red this december

Well Continue Reading Article in next page…

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