Okay people, the shii just got real as an official MMM Twitter account reacts to the current outcry by its participants. In a tweet shared, they said the participants were warned to use their spare money… and shouldn’t be unnecessarily greedy… Ouch!

See below:


“MMM Admins (Guiders) Could Have Easily Been Giving Participants Of The Scheme Their Own Account Number For Them To Pay In Money”

Chuddy MMM Number One Guider

So some disgrunted Nigerians have been bombarding our emails and inboxes accusing us of spreading unnessary panic saying that there is no way MMM can scam its users because MMM does not have a central bank account where all the money is paid into, well i will make this article as short as possible to enlighten you exactly how MMM can defraud you;

Do You Know That Not Having A Singular Bank Account Is A Very Smart Move Because It Makes It Totally Impossible To Track Down The People Behind MMM If The Site Eventually Shuts Down?

Well Its very simple, Now let me ask you a question; in the very begining after MMM was just created and it basically had Practically 0 Participants, the initial very first Participant who joined, Paid his own money into which persons account?????

The answer is simple he paid it into your beloved Guiders (Site Admin) account, now along the line what makes you feel that they (The people who run the site Aka Site Admin Aka Guider) do not regularly chip in their own personal bank account details or that of their sexy Girlfriends or family and friends for new participants to pay money into????

Take for example i was an Admin on MMM dont you know that all i would have to do is go collect all the account numbers of my friends and family members and pair them with new participants for you guys to go and pay money inside and at the end of the day they (My Family Members) will send me back the money once they receive it???

Do you know that once things go through this process you will never be able to get them arrested because they too will claim to also be participants, and infact they will be the first to call you and claim they have been scammed a larger amount of money and are looking for you to arrest because you paid in money into their account and must be part of the people behind the scheme.

Could it be just a coincedent that this same month MMM Promised their Participants additional Christmas 20% Bonus + The Normal 30% Profit is the same month they now decide to freeze accounts? this same freezing of accounts happened in South Africa and till this very day non of them have received his or her money. (READ HERE )

Nigerians Receive Sense In Jesus Name!
Source: Gossip Mill Nigeria

“MMM Was Frozen Because Nigerians Started Uploading Fake Bank Tellers Trying To Trick The System”- MMM Number 1 Guilder Chuddy

Facts have emerged why popular Ponzi scheme in Nigeria, MMM froze confirmed monies in the system for one month.

Recall that operators of the scheme last last night, December 12, froze mavros on MMM stating that it’s action was due to panic and heavy anti-MMM reports by the Nigerian media.

But the scheme’s number one guider, simply identified as Chuddy, has come out to clear the air on the development.

Hi Mavrodians, As we all must have seen in our PO of the news on Mavro frozen for a month. This isn’t the first of its kind. It happens when there are excess PANIC in the system,”he wrote on the MMM Nigeria website.

He added that the brief ban was also placed on Zimbabwe and after the duration it was lifted.

He revealed that the “idea is brought forward to calm the members down on intending threat the FG and Mass media has planned on the system.

“It doesn’t mean that there is no more money in the system because in my PO now as a guider, I have about 2million+ PH orders. And I know it would be like that in most Guiders PO too. So you see!!! Money to pay out the orders wouldn’t be a problem.

“But the Admins needed to apply measures to sustain the growth of the system. In order to fight issues that may arose as a result of Massive PH already this Christmas.”

He said issues like uploading of fake POP, non confirmation of orders and the rest also contributed to the short ban on mavro growth.

“We all need not panic as our money is in safe hands. Check out your Mavros and you see your money is intact both for 30% bonuses and 20% accrued bonuses

“You can keep PHing if you have the money, though you will definitely not be matched until Mavros are unfrozen. But that will really go a long way for you as your PH made this December will surely be giving you extra 20% after paying out next year.”

No cause for Alarm We live to expect a stronger MMM by January 14th, 2017



Another guider colloborates the message thus:

Michael N:

Good morning Mavrodians. What we are seeing now is the only practical measure to protect MMM Nigeria from danger. A lot of news of MMM crash this December has been on the social media and other news and gossip. This has really affected the system. There were heavy conspiracy by financial institutions to collapse the system.

What happened to the system last week would have been worse if GH is allowed today. Despite the holiday bonus, many participants were ready to GH today. The PH is not commensurate to the GH and this is the fear created by sponsored fake news. The truth remains that the mavros in the system are safe until they are unfrozen.

Those who have PH in the system shouldn’t cancel them because since all green mavro are frozen no PH will be paired. For those who understand the system, what has happened is a temporary measure to save the system and saving the system is saving our money. If we are allowed to GH, by next week there may be no enough PH to pair the GH then the worst will happen.

This is a kind of caution taken to avert danger. So our mavros are safe. I encourage those who want to PH to still do their PH. The maturity is January and doesn’t change anything by then the system is back and stronger.

Don’t loose hope, all of us have mavros in the system and let’s not use because of this little set back forget what MMM has done for us and will do more if the system is safeguarded. I personally feel the same way as you but it’s better to save the system than loose everything.

Some people are complaining why the Guiders were not informed and my response is, if the Guiders were informed the system will crash in less than 10mins of the information. The way you received the news is the way we Guiders received the news but we have the training that such thing may happen if there is evidence of danger ahead. This shows how firm and protective MMM is structured. Let’s be optimistic and positive. This is our community, let’s protect it.

I remain, Yours truly Michael N.

YOU CAN STILL PLEDGE HELP (PH) Some guiders further explained that participants can continue to pledge help even though mavros are frozen for the moment.

They emphasized that the strategy will strengthen the platform and make it more stable. However, getting help (GH) is suspended until January 15, 2016.

“Nigerians This Serves You Right You Guys Are Very Greedy, This Was The Same Technique MMM Used To Scam People In South Africa” (Must See)

So One of our fans from south Africa just sent in this below comments

Hgfddvbvhvvb Pokljhuyhbboon Mmm is happy to scam nigeria people to pay other nigeria in mmm because nigeria people re very stubborn desperate the warning but many still invest in mmm.

U can cry ooo but don’t commit succeed.. It your risk n your faults.. No one to blame. Greed people only join mmm

Thendo Stivo LOL u should have learned from your brothers and sisters here in south africa , our old mavro maoney is gone as we speak and MMM is at silence as we speak so watch out for this ponzi schemes i have also learned my lesson here in south africa but atleast is not to much money that i lost


After carrying out our own research we found out that this exact thing that just happend to Nigerian (READ HERE ) MMM Happened to the South African MMM Sometime back. here is the below report;

Controversial “donation platform” and alleged Ponzi scheme, MMM

South Africa collapsed and rebooted amid what it calls a “media panic”.

In a notice posted to participants of the scheme after it happened, the group said that “persecution against MMM organized by the mass media” has provoked a panic which has forced the scheme to “start all over again”.

The group’s administration said that the scheme’s currency – “Mavros”, named after the scheme’s founder, convicted Russian fraudster, Sergey Mavrodi – had been frozen and were impossible to use.

The group blamed the collapse of the system on media reports and South African banks, which it alleges have hurt and robbed “millions” of people who were part of the MMM scheme.

The scheme said it has started over with a clean sweep, with a plan to compensate users for any Mavro funds which were frozen.

The “old” version of the Mavro currency will be ‘bought out’ through trades of the “new” version of the currency, where equal value would be paid out to participants over six months, using 10% of total trade – effectively placing a debt burden on all participants.

The notice popped up on participants’ dashboards over the weekend (1 May 2016), but was no longer appearing by Tuesday, according to users. The notice was captured and posted to social media, however:

Dear participants!

Unfortunately, the persecution against MMM organized by the mass media has provoked a panic. We have been working in South Africa for almost 2 years and we have millions of members. During all that time, we had no complaints and accusations from participants, everything was paid to everyone in time and in full amount, by 30% per month. We held charity events and helped children. We did a lot of useful things for people! Well, who was suffering from this?

The bankers and the adherents of the current unjust financial system. That is why they planned and brought all these crazy investigations and persecution in the mass media. “The only thing which prevents the investigation is the fact that non of the participants reported to the police”. If there are no complaints, and everybody is happy, then what is the investigation for? What is the subject? Did not they understand the consequences? Did not they understand that their irresponsible actions would hurt people? Millions of people! Well, try oppressing any bank, even the most reliable one, in the same way, and see what will happen tomorrow.

However, it is futile to explain that to them. MMM prevents banks from robbing people, that is the only reason why all this is happening. And nobody cares about people. If we managed to pay millions of participants 30% per month for two years (and would still be paying, if the mass media did not lie about MMM!), why do banks not do the same? Why do they offer only a few percents a year? Make your own conclusions. Thought everything is clear right now. You are simply robbed, we have always been saying it. The modern financial system is predatory by nature. It is not for ordinary people, it is for the bankers. Its purpose is financial slavery! And it achieves this purpose perfectly.

In general, in this situation, we have to start all over again. We have no choice. You can see on your own what is happening.


1. The current (“old”) Mavros are frozen. Any operations with them are impossible.

2. With the development of the system, we will send 10% of the total inflow (of all the PHs) to pay for the “old” Mavro. According to the experience of other countries, we can definitely say that in the normal course of events, all the old Mavro debts will be paid off in about six months.

3. “New” Mavros (Mavro bought from the moment of this announcement) are introduced. You can use them on a common basis: to ‘acquire’ and ‘withdraw’ them at any time.

All of this, of course, is not very nice, but it’s not the end of the world. We will quickly pay off “old” Mavro debts, no doubt about it. You just have to wait. (And anyway, you can thank your precious media and banks for this “gift”!). The best thing you can do is just to start participating again, that is all. And you will quickly return everything, even with a benefit. Moreover, now is the most favorable time to participate and invite: in fact, everything starts from the beginning. So do not miss your chance! :-))

We hope for your understanding, Administration.

And Guess What MMM are still oweing the Old Participants till this Very Day

Confirmed Scam?! MMM Is Still Allowing People To Provide Help But Has Refused To Pay Out Money To Its Participants

Well we just broke the news that MMM just froze its participants accounts Read Here Below is the information we have been getting from its partcipants

Samson Chuks God will punish you precious for introducing me to this nonsense I told you am not interested you lied to me that you’re making money from it now I spend all my November salary to someone I don’t even know am finish

You don’t want to pick my calls

Pls Guy’s is this news real.

Engr Mâïké ÐëPrøf Phräñçîs Yes u can make deposits but u won’t be asked to pay anyone till that one month is unfrozen. So you’re totally safe to PH. These are little things we should understand. People are just saying all sorts since morning

Nnamdi Frank Mmm is my bank i paid #200,000 to somebody just now i don’t panic i.God bless mmm

Oladipo Alalade It must not be true , the cooperative money I collected and 2 people signed as suretee for me ,and imust pay back by December 23 the money is x3 I collected. I must charge people that introduced it to me to court

Samson Chuks God will punish you precious for introducing me to this nonsense I told you am not interested you lied to me that you’re making money from it now I spend all my November salary to someone I don’t even know am finish

You don’t want to pick my calls

Pls Guy’s is this news real.

A broken relationship is better than a broken marriage, read how to avoid heartbreak in relationship

1. Not all relationships must lead to marriage. Some relationships are for a reason, others are for a season only few are for a life time. If it doesn’t work out don’t kill yourself because it was for something. Discover the purpose and move on.

2. Don’t give a man or a woman the totality of your heart before giving the totality of your heart to God. Love that person but put God first.

3. Don’t get carried away with beauty or money, if that person’s inner person cannot keep you, his money or her beauty cannot either.

4. Love is never enough, understanding, compatibility, wisdom, patience, trust, tolerance and commitment are equally important.

5. When the negative signs are more than the positive signs. It is better to withdraw your heart before it gets ‘broken’.

6. Extreme jealousy is the quickest way to break that relationship.

7. Don’t demand trust, earn it or build it or show it.

8. Never you compare him or her to someone else.

9. Your relationship should not only be marriage driven but care, love and concern driven.

10. Don’t marry him or her because you saw him or her in church. Many are in church but not in touch with God. It is not WHERE you meet, but WHO you meet that counts.


President Muhammadu Buhari has urged Nigerians not to lose faith in his administration.

In his 2016 Eid-El-Maulud message, the president said

“the reality of the temporary challenges should not undermine our hope, reverse our collective will to succeed, or divide us..”

Read Mr. Buhari’s full message:

Again the calendar of life has brought us into another period of celebration, and deep reflection. Celebration, because we are marking the birth of Prophet Mohammed (Peace Be Upon Him), and deep reflection, because it is another opportunity of pausing, taking a deep breath and reflecting on the current realities before us.

First of all, I wish all Muslims a happy and memorable celebration of the birth of the great Prophet, through whose teachings, particularly on peaceful living, tolerance, sobriety, generosity, sacrifice and honesty, and wisdom, the nation has gained immensely in building a harmonious and prosperous society. The universal truths of the Prophet’s values remain unchanged.

Against all odds, we have used these pillars of strength in securing a just and fair society, and our efforts are beginning to yield dividends in curbing terrorism, militancy, corruption and other crimes that devalue our humanity.

As we use the memorable occasion of this celebration to reflect on our current challenges, I urge you not to lose faith in the ability of this administration to make a difference in the lives of our people.

The reality of the temporary challenges should not undermine our hope, reverse our collective will to succeed, or divide us; rather it should remind us of why we need to stay together, fight together and succeed together. We all share a vision of a better Nigeria, and we will all share in the responsibility of building the country of our dreams.

As we look forward to 2017 with hope and huge expectations, let me assure you that with collective dedication and hard work, we will overcome the mountain of economic difficulties, and return our country to the path of prosperity.

The 2017 Budget proposals which I will lay before the National Assembly on Wednesday, will contain measures that we are confident will get the nation out of its economic woods.

As we celebrate and reflect, I wish all Nigerians a peaceful Eid-el-Maulud.



DECEMBER 11, 2016

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