So today, one of the ladies who dragged American singer, Usher to court for allegedly infecting her with herpes went public, but social mediausers are not having any of that.

Quantasia Sharpton who accused the singer of infecting her with herpes, claimed it all happened after a hotel room rendezvous two years ago with Usher while celebrating her 19th birthday, however social media users are throwing her claim to the bin because of her size.

The other two fans were identified only as Jane Doe and John Doe in court papers and their attorney, Lisa Bloom, says one of them does have herpes.

Quantasia Sharpton, one of the women who has come forth in the “Caught Up” singer’s herpes scandal, has claimed that the two were involved sexually while Usher was fully aware that he was infected with the disease. According to TMZ, Sharpton asserts that though she has tested negative, her lawsuit is on the basis of violation because he exposed her to the STD. Sharpton and her testimonies are also being backed by celebrity attorney Lisa Bloom, credited for her plaintiff representation against Bill O’ Reilly in a sexual assault case.

Bloom, however, does reveal that there are no confirmations that Usher has contracted the disease. But her one question is shared by pretty much all of Usher’s fans and those keeping up with developments: why is he still silent? Claiming that she was picked out of a crowd by Usher during a concert she attended on her 19th birthday, Sharpton said that it all began once they exchanged numbers.


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