Chocolate City Boss, MI Abaga, has shared his thought on the the gay law in Nigeria which saw 46 alleged homosexuals being prosecuted last week. M.I who shared his thoughts in a podcast said;

‘I feel like I have a few freinds with different sexual orientations and I think its stupid that we have that law in Nigeria but now that we do, until the law is repealed, I feel its not safe to openly disclose your sexuality’.

However, MI who had a disagreement with one of his fans on the issue, tweeted;

 ‘Cheating and adultery are wrong.. but they are not criminalized.. and no form of consensual adult expression of love should be.. my opinion’.

See Some Reactions Below;

Abby oba M I , it’s you who is stupid. If you feel like going blind folded after the westerners. Just make your own law within your household and let your children do as you wish either the male ones get married to a boy and same goes for the girls and your parents will give kudos to you. Yeye dey smell.

Mira Monroe Yeah I definitely concur! It’s very very stupid! Punishing people for who dey choose to love. Dats messed up!


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