So, this photo of a girl putting on shorts and a bra has gone viral after she posted it online.

See Some Comments From Facebook:

Sholly Bae This one na end time slayqueen..

She resemble all those alagbo slay queen..

Instead of her to slay with her studies,, she’s busy slaying with her boobs and her face that has different colors.. With her toothpick legs,, alapa stainless..😂😂😂😂

Biko shift lemme run🏃🏃🏃🏃

Chimelum Ajanma Most Nigerian Girls slaying on Facebook are being slayed by Hunger in real life..just look at her hungry face.

Your mates are slaying awards and positive things,u are here slaying ur breast…

I guess ur brain has been slayed as well😣😣😣

Temitope Emmanuel Elufisan As I read Mark Zuckerberg’s speech at Harvard 2017 Graduation, a lot of things came to my mind. But there is one thing we don’t often talk about when we talk about success. Call it grace, favour, luck or whatever you like. The truth remains that Success is not about good ideas or relationships alone. Society, Family and upbringing has it roles. I can imagine how much more some of us could have achieve if we had better support systems for our dreams. Now here’s the good part, we can create that for the next generation. Support that kid around you today, help their ideas grow and love them genuinely. No child deserves to hustle to support family when he or she should be building a future.

Let’s build a new supportive society where our children’s dreams can thrive


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