A Nigerian man from oyigbo local government area in Rivers State has cried out loud when he was been interviewed by BLOGJIST, and he said he will kill his neighbor if MMM did not pay him his money before the end of February.

“I will kill my neighbor if MMM did not pay me my money before the end of February” he said.

He also said that it was because of the money that made him not to travel with his family during the x-mas period.

“I borrowed the money from a friend of mine named Uche, I promised to pay him back his N120,000 in the next 30days. I was forced by my neighbor named Henry to join this nonsense MMM, I never wanted to do it but he told me he has make a lot of money from it.

I had to make my first move by starting with N120,000 which I borrowed from my friend Uche. He never wanted to give me the money but I promise to pay him back in the next 30days” 

Later, I had that MMM has crash while some are saying they went for vacation. I was trembling inside me, I fasted for 1week, i was unable to travel with my families during the Xmas period.

 On the 14th of  January I had that MMM have resume work I was very very happy, by then Uche has started requesting for his money, and I told him to came down I will pay him his money, with the hope that I will collect my money back” 

He also said that Uche locked him up in the cell for some weeks because he was unable to pay his dept.

“Uche locked me up in the cell cause I was unable to pay him back his money, my family members went around looking for mins to bring me out. I came back yesterday evening after they have finish paying my dept”

He also pleaded for Uche to forgive him for making him not to travel also during the Xmas period.

“I want to say am very very sorry to you my friend Uche cause I made you not to travel during the Xmas period at least to see your mother”

And he vows to kill his neighbor where ever he see’s him if MMM did not pay him his money before the end of February.

“And as for Henry, you introduce me to MMM now I can’t be proud of N100 you have the god’s to eat my money, for this I swear when ever I get you I will be the last person you will see on earth cause i will kill you if MMM did not pay me back my  money before the end of February” 



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