According to this Benue state man Johnicks Studiovilla;


I knew the protest was dead on arrival.

Probably some slight over dosage of Campari had a hand in it.

But I thank God for Tuface. Because like it or not, he just stopped his career from a downhill move to a point of no return.

The idea of holding a protest for Good governance and a better Nigeria is actually a noble and patriotic gesture.

Coming out to organize a protest against the Agatu killings and Fulani massacre would have made more sense to me sha. Even BBC, CNN and other international media organizations would have supported the idea.

After singing for politicians claiming he wanted to be like them and receiving money, cars, sponsorship for his wedding in Dubai and they were swept out of office, coming up with a rally against their successors alongside the chairman of the PDP governors forum Ayo Fayose, makes the entire thing political and am happy tuface saved himself from that shame.

People claim to support him on social media but very few… I really mean very very few would have come out to protest with him in real life.

Thank you Innocent Idibia for not ruining yourself.

Airtel, Gold circle and most of the Nigerian companies that endorsed you would have dropped you like hot potatoes.

Oyi, your wife, baby mamas and lovely kids still need you.

The reality is that you can’t really run a protest without structure. During protests people are meant to close their businesses, stop work and troop out.

Labour unions can protect their jobs because they are a union. In this nation of scarce resources, who will leave his job for Tuface? How many jobs has he ‘ever’ created before? His only known company Hypertek is dead. No artiste, nothing.

In his legendary life as an Artiste, who has he helped?

From Benue who?

Not even his brother.

The moment information about the #100 million released to him to organize the protest leaked, I knew the protest will NEVER HOLD and I said so.

To further add salt to injury… Some of the alleged sponsors couldn’t hold themselves out from the spotlight. The likes of Governor Ayo Fayose started preparing to join him physically for the March. Lol

Idibia needs to come online again and explain to us how he will personally help Nigerians.

Akon who was his mate in music turned round to sign him alongside wizkid and psquare into convict music that’s what took him international.

Akon is spearheading an electricity project that is designed to bring light to poor Africans and Tuface is here making noise.

Check out what those Akon signed alongside Tuface are doing to support others.

Psquare is building people.

Small Wizkid is building people. Check out Mr Eazi, r2bees etc.

Even Mcsmart Joseph who is not yet a legend is building people. Emperor Swag and Mark Owi are a perfect example.

He wants to protest with Olamide who is a better manager and developer of people. Check out lil Kesh, Adekunle Gold etc.

You think Olamide would have protested with him against Ambode (The Lagos State Governor)?

He would have disappointed him on that day.

Thank God Tuface read the handwriting on the wall.

Tuface can’t even drop a soundtrack he has used for upcoming artistes to use and blow. Tell me people…

Have you ever heard a Tuface free instrumental?


When John Inas a Benue artiste was innocently incarcerated, lots of artistes took up the matter. Celebrities that haven’t even stepped into Benue in their entire life stood up for the boy. Ruggedman even called out to tuface but the dude didn’t even move a muscle.

Davido and Olamide support good upcoming artistes by recording collabos with them without collecting a penny.

Davido has used collabos to establish countless artistes. Diamond platinums, Humblesmith and even our very own Odwood is an example. Look at how he has been trying to push his talentless relatives Bred and Shina Rambo.

To Collabo with 2face as an upcoming artiste costs #2million. That’s why you can’t point a finger to an upcoming artiste he has supported with a collaboration. Even to record with his look alike Jo el, it took the might of Kennis Music and the grace of God to make that happen.

If the showbiz thing isn’t paying anymore, let him come down and ask Governor Ortom for land. It won’t be a taboo to see a Tuface farm or even a factory to employ his people.

Let me say this again. Tuface saved himself from shame.

Because his protest wouldn’t have attracted up to 300 people.

If you say it would’ve been more, sincerely tell us… Let’s be truthful.

Would you have marched with him on 5th of February?

Happy Sunday people.



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