Police command in Kwara state has arraigned a land speculator, Peter Itopa Adogun, for allegedly practising as a legal practitioner in Ilorin, Kwara state for about 10 years, even appeared before justices up to the Supreme Court. .

He allegedly practised under the name of an Abuja based lawyer, Inufin David Taiwo. He was arrested by the police following a petition by the leadership of the Nigerian Bar Association (NBA), Ilorin Branch.

He was arraigned on a five-count charge of false personation, resistance or obstruction be a person of his lawful arrest or escape, using as genuine, forged documents, fabricating false evidence and wearing or carrying token used by public servant.

Adogun was practising with photocopies of a Certificate issued by the Council of Legal Education, dated March 27, 2007, a certificate of Call to the Bar, dated May 8, 2007 and a Bachelor of Laws Certificate of the University of Maiduguri, dated February 21, 2005 as well as an NYSC certificate dated March 5, 2008, all in the name of Inufin David Taiwo. .

He was accused of collecting the said certificates from its original owner under the pretence of helping him to secure a job in a popular oil company based in Ilorin, Kwara state. .

It was further revealed that the suspect has practised as a legal practitioner and appeared in several matters in all levels of Nigerian Courts up to Supreme Court. He was eventually arrested while hiding inside the roof of his house.


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