Photos: Man Who Broke Into A Shop To Steal A Bag Of Rice Caught And Made To Carry His Loot For Hours (Must See)

According to facebook user Livinus Ozioma Chukwu ;

At times like this I begin to wonder why someone would wake up one morning and plan to go and steal what doesn’t belong to him or her very . .. from any man’s business shop. .. Anyway that’s by the way. .. ife onye cho koofu. .. kwa ubochi bu nke onye ohi, otu ubochi maka nke onye nwe ulo. .. Ife onye metara ya jiri isi ya buru. ..

This guy in the picture went far to break someone’s shop to steal a bag of rice, the owner of the shop gave him punishment by having him carry a bag of rice plus one block on his head for hours.

Who is to be blamed here now in this situation ???

1, the shop owner

2, the thief

3, the situation of this country

4, the cost of bag of rice

5, Buhari and his Co bad leaders


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