A man with fully developed breasts (GYNOCOMASTIA) was allegedly arrested by the ‘Holy Spirit’

The famed Holy Spirit was again at work at a Christian crusade ground after a man who had fully developed breasts was ‘arrested’ by the power of God.
According to a Facebook user, John Kennedy Okweke, the man, according to the minister at the crusade, was a

wizard sent with the aim of taking souls and destabilizing the power of God.

See what Okweke wrote:

“He was arrested by the Holy Spirit in a crusade. Witchcraft agent, he’s a man. Please guys be very careful with the type of girl or woman you call or sleep with , some are not real women, nor girls, but men.”

But many are of the view that the man could be suffering from a form of a genetical mistake defect and may not be what the pastor said he is, while others think he is an hermaphrodite that needs help and not the humiliation he was made to go through by the pastor.

But let us know what you think of this man. Do you think he is an agent of the devil or just suffering from a defect?


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