​They say marriages are made in heaven. But on Earth every person is only human and are bound to commit mistakes, as the flesh is weak they say.


In India at least marriages come with a lifetime warranty. Till death do they part, literally.Divorce is a recent trend, a trend which has been on the rise. There can be various reasons for getting a divorce. It could be the husband’s mistake. Or maybe he didn’t pay enough attention and that made her move away from him.Here are some reasons why women walk out of a marriage. 

Reasons why women walk out of a marriage are: 

1.Lack of emotional bonding: One of the primary reasons why women walk out of a marriage is lack of emotional bonding.Women need to feel that emotional connection and only that can lead to love or intimacy. 

2.She Doesn’t Feel Loved Nor Desired: Every human being wants to feel loved and desired. It is but natural that a woman expects the same from her husband.But when her needs aren’t met it will make her walk out of the unhappy marriage. 

3.He Has An Addiction: Addiction is one of the major reasons why women get a divorce from their husbands.Drinking or smoking occasionally isn’t a problem but indulging in it,day in and day out causes problems for the whole family.Substance abuse is another reason why women walk out of a marriage.

 4.Financial Insecurity: Women often walk out of marriages when their husbands lose a job or lose their entire savings in the stock market.An unstable financial situation causes women to panic and they go forth in search of greener pastures.But times have changed and women nowadays work and earn on their own. Marriages that are based upon understanding survive,others will end at the local court.

 5.Physical And Mental Abuse: Women are known to handle extreme physical pain and mental stress. But if they are pushed to the limits they will walk out of the marriage. Physical abuse is one of the main reasons why women divorce their husbands.

 6.Infidelity: Infidelity or cheating is a major cause for divorces. It is the same for men and women; they just cannot handle the truth that their partner’s wavered. More than the physical part they are often shocked that their partner betrayed them emotionally. Women are known to be more forgiving. Even then there are exceptions and infidelity has caused women to walk out of marriages and get a divorce.


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