Hungry man paraded for stealing pot of soup in Bayelsa

​A petty thief who stole a pot of soup and other food items from a restaurant in Bayelsa State was given the disgrace he will never forget in his life.
A hungry man who was pushed by the harsh economic condition in the country to steal some food items was given the disgrace of his life by a vigilante group in Bayelsa State.

Punch reports that the unfortunate petty thief identified as Kaduna Enatimi was arrested by the Igbogene Vigilance Committee in Yenagoa Local Government Area of state with a pot of soup, 12 wraps of fufu and a half basin of garri flour.

The 35-year-old father of two, an indigene of Akassa community of Brass Local Government Area, was reportedly arrested by the vigilantes about 2am on Thursday, November 10, 2016, while consuming some of the stolen wraps of fufu and the soup.

The Head of the Vigilance Committee, Chief MoneySweet Asomo, narrated that the suspect was caught red-handed with the food items stolen from a cafeteria owned by an Akwa Ibom State woman in the area.

After Enatimi was taken to the Paramount Ruler of the area, the Obenibe X1 of Epie Kingdom, King Hope Adike, he was said to have confessed that hunger and economic hardship led him to steal the pot of soup and the other food items.

Asomo said:

“We were on patrol at about 2am on Thursday. When we got to the Timida School area, we saw a man at a local food joint eating.

The food kiosk is owned by an Akwa Ibom State indigene popularly called Madam Blessing. We questioned Enatimi and he confessed to have stolen the pot of soup, some wraps of fufu and half basin of garri.

He claimed it was the economic hardship that led him to the crime.”

It was learned that it was the King who ordered that the suspect should be

paraded around the community » with the stolen items as a deterrent to others, after which he was pardoned and allowed to go home with a stern warning to desist from crime.


Do you think the petty thief deserved such show of shame ?

Yes, that would serve him right

No , he should have been allowed to go

The King should have given him something do to fend for himself


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