US election 2016: Trump files first lawsuit

​Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump waves as he leaves a polling station after voting in the 2016 presidential election November 8, 2016 in New York. / AFP PHOTO / US-VOTE / Bryan R. Smith

Republican Party’s presidential candidate’s legal team has filed a suit against a Nevada registrar of voters in an early vote dispute.

Joe P. Gloria, the Clark County registrar of voters, is being sued for allegedly keeping polling stations opened “two hours beyond the designated closing time” on Friday, CNN reported.

Trump’s lawyers, in their brief on Monday, asked for an order to have early vote ballots in the county not to be “co-mingled or interspersed” with other ballots.

But BNBC reported that the demand was turned by Judge Gloria Sturman during an emergency hearing on Tuesday afternoon, with the judge noting that the lawyers’ request raised questions about privacy and safety of poll workers concerned.

In a statement, Charles Muñoz, Trump’s Nevada state director, said the developments on Friday night “should be troubling to anyone who is interested in free and fair elections.”

“Voters who showed up after the scheduled closing times at selected locations were allowed to vote, while those who were not able to make it to other early voting sites by the posted closing times were denied the right to cast their ballots,” Munoz said.

“Even more concerning is that Clark County employees seem to be facilitating illegal activity, at the direction of Joe Gloria, whose primary function is to ensure the integrity of elections in Clark County.

Donald Trump has consistently maintained that the electoral system has been rigged to favour his opponent, Democratic Party’s Hillary Clinton.


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