Watch And Download This Very Funny video – Video it [Episode 84]

This very funny Mark Angle comedy skit will make you laugh hard like never before.

Mark Angel Comedy is at it again, bringing you another block buster comedy video for your quality entertainment. In this video, Mark Angel Comedy crew goes for a vacation and selfies took over and after a while of selfies, sitting places have been changed, Mark Angel and Denilson Igwe did not take it lightly even after Emmanuella’s suggestion and what happened afterwards is a cracker, Denilson Igwe is absolutely something else.

This is one comedy that promises to make you laugh till your stomach hurts and you will feel sorry for Denilson Igwe. Like you know already, this funny video will thrill you and you will not be able to keep your joy and laughter to yourself alone.

Watch this video below, like and share with family, friends, loved ones, neighbours and all you see around, but be sure to watch this video in a place where your loud laughter will be tolerated because this video will make you laugh out loud.


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