See the pictures of the model with a 50-inch butt

​There are thousands of curvaceous women in the society. Women who are endowed and know how to treat their bodies.

Patricia Washington is a model with an incredible body; her backside would make your jaws drop as she has a massive butt that is firm at the same time. The 32-year-old model went through surgery to enhance her butt in order to forge on with her career.

This model with a 50-inch butt has been able to cause a social media stir with the heavy load she has as a backyard. She is a female metal worker who works with a steel mill in Detroit. She had a butt-lift surgery during which the fats from her stomach, back, arm and inner thighs were removed. The removed fats were injected back into her buttocks.

Washington wants to make the most out of her situation by turning her part time job as a model into a full time career. She loves her new look even though she does not want other girls to go through the procedure. This model worries about those girls who go to quacks for surgery and end up dying in the process.

The beautiful thing about this lady is that she is the only female worker in that steel mill. Due to this, Washington refers to herself as a super woman.

Find pictures of this model with a 50-inch butt below:

1. Curvy

It is amazing to know that this model is a steel worker who covers up her body when she is at the mill. She is not afraid to show her curves when she is in the streets.

2. Hmmm

Note that she had the fats from her stomach removed and pumped into her butt.

3. Really?

When you have it, you simply have it.

4. Huge

She standing with her friends will help you make a good assessment.

5. Bootilicious

In Nigeria, women with this kind of back side do not need a shawl to hold their babies when they back them. The baby would be supported by this butt.

6. A date with spiderman

Who would not want to hang out with a lady like this?

7. Interesting

Put the words together yourself.

8. Mirror selfie

This 50-inch butt would make anyone trip.

9. Body paint

Dare to be different; dare for something more.

10. Carnival…


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