This shark has a human face and it looks hilarious!

​Some creatures we find on the dry land look odd and funny, but they cannot be even compared with what fishermen get out of the sea! This humorous and freaky creature made people at the fish market get scared and laugh!

Can a fish have a human face? Well, this one does! Especially if you put a pair of glasses on it! It was caught in the Mediterranean Sea. The man who owns a fishing shop at the market decided that the thing has a human face on it.

So, he placed it upside down on the shelf and put the glasses on to make the resemblance even more obvious! It’s a small shark, but it looks so funny when placed like that.

Just see the airs it puts on wearing those glasses! Just like your profession at school! Ha-ha! This shark is so important and bosses around the others lying on the shelves. Enjoy and share away with your friends to have some fun!


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