#EdoDecides: INEC official results

There is a heightened sense of suspense in Benin, even as final analysis of collations for the Edo election is ongoing.

Edo Elections

The INEC chief returning officer has called for a one hour break to enable officials make final collation, even as just one more local government is left to be announced.

Analysis from the graph above shows that with the situation within 17 out of 18 LGAs announced, Obaseki will eventually come tops, even if he get ‘0’ in Ovia South-West, which is not theoretically possible, as the gap is already 62,300 votes.

The official report by INEC is still awaited, and will be announce shortly.

NAIJ.com team has been on ground in Benin to bring minute-by-minute reports regarding the election results.

Read our live coverage below. Remember to always refresh your browser for fresh updates.


With the announcement from the collation officer from Ovia SW, APC has a total of 319,483votes while the PDP has 253173votes


Ovia South West

APC: 12,820

PDP: 8810


With one more local government to go, APC has 306, 663 while PDP has



Akoko Edo

APC: 24, 545

PDP: 13, 027


Results for 16 local governments have been announced, with the APC amassing a total of 282,118 votes while PDP got 231,336 votes.



APC: 33,469

PDP: 26,096

Registered Voters – 260965

Accredited Voters – 65348


With the reports from Etsako West the APC now has 248,649 while PDP has 205,240 votes, the two parties separated by 43,409.

Etsako West

APC: 29,199

PDP: 10,843


Following reports from 14 local governments, APC has 219,450 votes while PDP has 194,397. There are 4 local governments to go.

Etsako East

APC: 18,078

PDP: 12,552

Total Valid Votes: 30,858

Total Votes Cast: 31,914

Rej Votes: 1,056


After 13 local governments, the APC has come up with 201,372 votes, while PDP came up with 181,845.

Esan Central

APC: 9781

PDP: 10180

Total Valid Votes: 20,211

Total Votes Cast: 21,364

R- Votes: 1,153


After 12 local governments, APC has 191,591 votes while PDP has 171, 665


Etsako Central

APC: 10373

PDP: 8827

Total Valid Votes: 19,538

Total Votes Cast: 19,907

R-Votes 549


Owan East

APC 21,233

PDP 12, 889


Out of 10 local governments, APC has 159,985 votes while PDP has 149,949 votes


Ovia North East

APC: 17, 561

PDP: 13, 141


Out of the 18 LGA’s INEC announces 9 results, 9 more to go. Proceedings continue.


Police disperse protesters angry over the results obtained from Oredo local government.


Some aggrieved party members are reportedly protesting at the INEC office in Edo state.


A one hour break has been proposed by the chief returning officer. The announcement of results are to be continued at noon.

Out of 9 local governments we have APC – 142,424 and PDP is 136, 808

Results for Esan West is as follows:

APC 13,114

PDP 16, 311


Esan West is next.

After 8 local governments, APC has a total of 129,310 votes while the PDP has 120,497 votes.



APC 15, 262

PDP 16, 446


Calls for cancellation of election results in Oredo stirs debate


Commotion takes the room following some arguments about votes that were cancelled.


Sirens blaring in the background, security is at its most heightened state, some more local governments are yet to arrive.


After 7 local government , the results stands at 114,048 for APC and 104,051 for PDP


Oredo local government area is next.

APC 37, 612.

PDP 30, 492

Total Valid Votes: 69,401

Total Votes Cast: 73,712


6 / 18 LGAs announced

APC – 76,436

PDP – 73,559


10:02am Colation officer for Esan South East takes the floor

APC 9554

PDP 11466

Registered voters 66698

Accredited voters 22522


After the first 5 results….. APC 66882, PDP 62093



APC: 10, 911

PDP: 8,667

Accredited Voters : 21,927



APC: 7802

PDP: 7560

Total Valid Votes: 15,506

Total Vote Cast: 16,086


Egor LGA

APCNigeria : 26,177

PDPNig : 19,514

Registered Voters: 184,296

Accredited Voters: 49,802


9:35 Questions raised over cancelled vote


Esan North East

APC 9130

PDP 16220

Total Valid Votes: 25,747

Total Vote Cast: 26,944


Colation officer for Esan North East takes the stage


Owan West:

APC 12, 862

PDP 10, 132

Registered Voters: 54,406

Accredited Voters: 24,487


Official from Owan West LGA kick starts the announcement process.


9:08am: INEC begins proceedings to announce the election results.

The voting in Edo state was concluded on Wednesday, September 28, with many going all out to support their preferred candidates.

Following conclusion of voting on Wednesday, INEC has said that there are no results yet, informing that collation of results for the governorship election would begin today, September 29.

It was gathered that the decision to commence the collation today is in connection with the late arrival of results from the 18 local government areas.

The Edo election has been tagged

two horse race between the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) and the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC), though nineteen candidates are vying for the ticket to the Government House.

Edo state has a total of 1,925,105 registered voters; 192 Registration Areas (RAs); 2,627 Polling Units (PUs); and 4,011 Voting Points (VPs).

Shortly after conclusion of elections in all parts of Edo state, some unofficial results began to trickle in, with the PDP taking an initial lead, and the APC taking over somewhere midway.

Reports suggested that after collation of 727 Polling Units out of 2,672 Units in Edo state, APC has a total of 69,196votes while PDP has 75,088votes; with over 13000 rendered invalid.

A total of 25,000 police officers were deployed across the state to ensure peace and security during the polls, while 44 observer groups were accredited by the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) as election monitors.


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