A suspected robber has revealed how he prays to God before embarking on each robbery operation.
Suspected robber Akin Ayotunde prays before each robbery operation

The 27-year-old robbery suspect Akin Ayotunde, who was arrested after a failed robbery attempt at the Igbe area of Ikorodu, Lagos, maintained that he never visited any herbalist like most robbers, saying he believed in God and always prayed to him before starting each ‘job’.

Ayotunde who was arrested by the Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS), Ikeja, Lagos State Police Command recently, said God who always saw him through difficult situations, would make the police release him this time. He said:

“I was caught by police because I don’t believe in using charms during robbery operations. The fact is that I believe in God. I believe God can save me.”

Ayotunde whose first victim died while they were in his house had this to say:

“We wanted to lock the man in the room with his wife before we left, so that he wouldn’t be able to call for help. When we tried to get him to stand, we noticed he was stiff. I placed my ear to his heart and discovered it wasn’t beating. We never robbed him with the intention of causing his death. I had no reason to kill him. I had, already gotten all I wanted from him.”

Despite escaping after that incident, the four-man gang however got to the end of the road after an attempt to rob one Bello Hakeem, who lived at the Igbe area of Ikorodu, failed.

According to the police, Hakeem’s house had been robbed by Ayotunde’s gang just six days after they robbed the deceased. Here’s what a police spokesperson said:

“He was once arrested for robbery. He used to gain access into people’s compound by scaling fences. Once he’s inside, he would switch off the generator and wait for someone to step out, to check why the generator went off. Once the person steps out, he and his gang members would attack and rob the person.”

Ayotunde whom the police said had been arrested about twice before, was arrested this time while he was trying to sell off the stolen vehicle in his possession. Confessing to his crime, Ayotunde who used to be a construction worker who earned N1,300 daily, had this to say:

“I went into robbery to raise enough money to start a legitimate business. There was no plan in my heart to make robbery a permanent job. I was arrested last month at Ojota, Lagos State, after my gang members and I robbed a man of his Toyota Corolla car. We also took some of the valuables in his house. After the robbery, we went to meet our friend, Eyinejo.

Eyinejo used to sell stolen cars for us. I gave Eyinejo the man’s car key. He promised to assist in selling the car. He said the sharing formula would be 50-50 after the sale, I agreed. Before nightfall, Eyinejo called and told me to come and pick the car. He said that one of the persons that wanted to buy the car said he knew the real owner of the car.

Eyinejo called to tell me that he sold the car for N700,000. He said I should come to Ojota, to collect my share of the money. I hailed a motorbike and raced to meet him at a restaurant in Ojota. While we were discussing, I noticed his eyes were bloodshot. I should have become alert, but I didn’t dwell on it. We were still discussing when three policemen walked into the restaurant, pointed a gun at me and took me to their station.”

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While he was at the police station following his arrest, the widow of the man who died during their robbery at Igbogbo was called in to identify him. He however denied killing her husband. Read what he said below:

“We didn’t kill the man! All I can say is that the man was either already sick or died of shock. A man named Paul Oriyii took us to the man’s house at Igbogbo, Ikorodu. We entered his home by scaling the fence. We entered the compound around 10pm and left at about 3am. We didn’t go with any gun, just machetes, which we used in threatening the man. We threatened to kill him, but we didn’t mean it. When we entered, the man’s wife and three children were in the parlour, watching a movie. We ordered them to lie on the ground.

We later marched them into their rooms. The man stayed in the parlour with us. We didn’t rape the woman or her daughters. We took some food from the fridge, ate and started watching television. During that period, the man started snoring. When it was time to leave, we ransacked the house in search of things we could sell like Plasma television and jewelry. The jewelry was given to us by the man’s wife. We also took an ATM card, money and other valuables.

We loaded the items into the man’s 4Runner Jeep. We later discovered the man was dead and left him.” After the gang gathered everything it could, the members decided to wait until dawn in order to avoid running into the police or local vigilantes. It was another successful operation.”

Ghen ghen! Every day is for the thief, but one day is for the owner of the house.


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