Is This Right ? Woman Breastfeeds Her Sister’s Son While The Baby ’s Mother Is Away. ( Photo)

A woman shared a picture of herself breastfeeding her sister’s son while the boy’s mother was away – and that woman’s sister later returned the favor.

The photo appeared Saturday on

Breastfeeding Mama Talk , a board on Facebook.

Founder Kristy Kemp started it in 2012 because she wanted to create a space for breastfeeding mothers to exchange information. She regularly shares pictures of fellow mothers recounting their breastfeeding experiences.

The photo shared on Saturday shows a woman smiling at the camera while breastfeeding her sister’s son. The baby boy’s mother had left a bottle of her own pumped milk behind, but he wouldn’t accept it.

The bottle of pumped breast milk left by the sister was untouched at that point. But the woman’s sister gave away her milk too.

Feeding a baby another woman’s milk is called wet nursing. When two women swap their milk, as happened in that instance, is also known as cross nursing.


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