Female Fans Go Gaga Over Selebobo’s Massive P*nis Show Off (Photos)

Triple MG artiste and producer, Selebobo teased his female fans with his rather large turgid manhood today when he posted a throwback picture of his half naked self on his Instagram page.

Though he deleted the photo soon after, Instagram users, especially ladies couldn’t hide their admiration of the entertainer’s package.

Photo and comments below…

a4mahoney: Dah dick tho

toks_hoyt: No wonder Yemi Alade Kept Featuring Him… I Suspect Something

tofyne: Only the guys here are angry and beefing , as for the girls we wetin concern us , we are happy to see it

queenlopez143: @selebobo1 Ur cassava dikwa large ..👍

officialchidima: Too many balls But small dick Angry SMH

odera.o: Looks like a gun.

terrysire: Oh lawd!!!!! 😣 bomb preek

ulocutie: Omo!!!!!!!!!!!! See kweeke!!!!!

ijeoma_edith: U got a big dick

confusedspinster: The guy gather tho

_awelewa1: Jesus I see something 😁😁😁, this nigga be shifting babes womb since 1890😂

nisseyluv19: This is beyond me, lead me not into temptation & deliver me from evil, I need to go now

betheel_200: See Pana Dickson

ty.slim: And bobrisky was here to see bae

lindewayb: Goooood of mercy.. Damn my favorite size👊👊

timmyscarfaze: Bobrisky should come and see this.. And he will leave 7 million naira Bae

temidun: This guy is heavy shaa…. 👰👏👏👏Seems this the big cassava Tekno mean in Pana song…..

iam_kfa: See as girls dey happy ori yin ti daru lopolopo

iam_kfa: After una go complain recession see how many comments ordinary prick has generated! Una never talk true, when recession sets in, you will see prick and hisss.


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