A lot of men are dealing with erectile dysfunction, see the things that could be causing yours to occur.

A lot of men suffer erectile dysfunction and most of these issues could easily be solved. Here are a few culprits you can look into to figure out what is causing you to have problems getting your pen!s to launch.

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1. Watching Blue Film (P o r n)

When Guys Watch Porn they tend to beat off their Joy Stick aka Mastur-bate if you watch it too much you tend to beat off too much, like explained in number 2 sooner or later you become habituated to that sensation and find it more difficult to sustain an erection. You see human beings are not actually supposed to beat off themselves. I mean why else was the Veejay put on a womans body?

2. Mastur-bation

Excessive mastur-bation can lead to erectile dysfunction. Well Erectile dysfunction does not really result from mastur-bation. “What actually happens is that if they mastur-bate too frequently and become used to a certain touch, be it vibration or one’s own hand.” Because of this “they may become habituated to that sensation and find it more difficult to sustain an erection.”

3. You Lack Vitamin D:

A study has shown that men with severe erect!le dysfunction had lower Vitamin D. Get outside and enjoy some sunshine, feast on vitamin D-fortified series, juices, breads and eggs.

4. (You take too much Sugar) Diabetes:

You are Eating too much sugary foods, Most of the stuffs they sell nowadays is filled with sugar, Erectile dysfunction could be caused by undiagnosed or diagnosed diabetes. If your ED is sudden, consider getting screened and if you know you already have diabetes, expect this to be a risk factor.

5. You drinking:

Alcohol has a numbing effect on your mind and body, including your pen!s. If you have issues getting it up and you have also started increasing the amount of drinks you have, including the frequency, then consider cutting back. Heavy drinking increases your risk of ED.

6. You are Stressed: 

If you are stressed at work, home or in your relationship, it will affect your s.ex life. You need to be a relaxed to get in the mood for s.ex.

This problem can also be a catch-22, because if you cannot get it up, you start to stress about that too, making it even more unlikely you will have an erect!on. So, basically, just relax.

7. You Dont take coffee:

Studied have found that 42 percent of men who drink between two to three cups of coffee a day are less likely to have erect!le dysfunction. Caffeine helps relax the arteries and the smooth muscle within the pen!s which, in turn, helps increase blood flow.

8. You Dont have enough s.ex:

The more s.ex you have, the less likely you are to suffer from ED. What is considered regular? Experts say you can shoot for three s.ex sessions weekly.

9. Smoking & Hard Drugs:

The more you smoke, the more you risk your pen!s abilities. 23 percent of erect!le dysfunction occur among men who smoked. The worst is taking Tramadol, Rephnor etc Abusing these drugs without Doctors Prescription will only shorten the life span of you winnie.

10. You Dont Exercise:

Exercises, especially weight resistance ones, do a lot to increase a man’s testosterone which helps reduce the likely of ED. Your levels or testosterone drop as you age, exercise will ward off a drastic drop.

11. Too much Cycling:

Are you an avid cycler? Studies have shown that the longer you ride your bicycle, the higher your chance of developing ED. You do not have to stop riding though, just make some modifications. You can ride shorter distances, give yourself a rest, find comfortable seat and get a bike that is sized appropriately.

12. Your medications:

Some medications like antihypertensives and antidepressants can cause erectile dysfunction. Talk to your doctor about other options.



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