Guys, Here Are 9 Reasons Why Women Moan And Groan While Making Love

If you’ve ever seen a po’rn video in your entire life, then you know what we are talking about. It seems that no matter what the person is doing, the girl is basically screaming. And you know what? Men LOVE it… and women know that.
There are specific reasons why women are so vocal about their pleasure. Even if they don’t mean to, they are making all sorts of noises for many different reasons.

Some are on purpose, while others are completely accidental. Either way, you’re probably wondering why there is so much noise going on and what they mean.

They simply know what sounds to make and when to make them in order to achieve their goal. Or they just really can’t help it. But bottom line is, there is some mystery behind the noises they make and why they make them.

Their reasons for making such enticing noises are actually very simple: it’s for the s’ex appeal. Here are 9 reasons why women moan and groan in bed.

#1 They can’t help it!

It’s instinctual. Moaning when having sex just happens and they can’t help it at all! I mean, they can definitely control it if they need to.

If their brother is staying at their place for the week and they need to keep things at a seemingly PG-13 level—even though he’s probably well aware of what is actually going on—you might notice a decrease in noise levels.

But those attractive moans and groans are a natural part of getting frisky with their significant others—or even some random person: no judgement here. It just comes out when they’re relaxed and feeling good—and who are they to hold any of that back?


#2 Stress relief.

Just as they feel more liberated, they also feel more relaxed. S’ex is a stress reliever in and of itself. You add some intense moaning and shouting, and that’s a recipe for extreme relaxation.

Letting out all of the tension from the day/week is a reason they get so loud in bed.

Instead of screaming into their coworker’s face, or coming home and crying into a pillow, they can let all of that frustration out when getting freaky between the sheets!


#3 To feel free.

When a woman moans and writhes in bed, she is letting herself go and enjoying the moment. Nothing can make a gal feel freer than just letting the noises naturally escape her lips.

In today’s society, women are expected to be prim and proper all of the time, or they’re seen as unappealing and “dare I say” slutty. Letting all of that out in bed is a great way for them to feel like they don’t have to hold back anymore.


#4 To fulfill a fantasy.

Whether it’s for us or them, there is a fantasy that involves screaming their brains out from how insanely amazing the se’x is—and they all want to fulfill it! This is especially true for shy women.

A shy woman loves the idea that she can be loud, be in charge and release her inner sex-kitten. Mee-oow!

If your fantasy is to have a woman enjoying herself so much that she can’t help but make all kinds of delicious sounds, then they will want to give that to you! It’s just one of the many reasons they release such pleasing sounds in bed.


#5 For your pleasure.

Yes! They have cracked our secret. Not that it was ever a secret at all, really. They know that sex’y noises in bed turns us on. That’s exactly why all of those outlandish po’rn stars make over-the-top sounds. It’s because they know we love it.

It turns us on and helps us have a good time and feel more pleasure if they’re producing se’xy moans and groans, and of course, they just love to please us. For your listening pleasure, they make wonderful sounds.


#6 For their own pleasure.

Moaning makes them feel good! It’s true. Physically, moa’ning for a woman can increase the feeling of pleasure. In a way, it sort of tricks their mind into feeling like there’s more pleasure than there really is.

Even if it already feels good, the more and louder a woman moa’ns and gro’ans, the better whatever you’re doing to them will feel.

It’s kind of like smiling even when you’re sad; your brain thinks you’re really happy, so then you actually become happy! Same concept, here: moa’n as though the se’x is great and the se’x will be great!


#7 To steer you in the right direction.

Their moans and groans are not just to tell you it feels good and to give you the confidence you need, they’re also signals. If they’re quiet, then you need to change things up a bit but if they’re increasingly making loud, ecstatic noises, then you’re heading in the right direction.

This is way easier than simply telling you that what you’re doing sucks and you should try something else, because that type of criticism will most certainly kill the mood and leave you feeling crushed and inadequate.


#8 To give men a little confidence.

Don’t hate them! In no way does this mean they’re faking anything, not at all. This simply means that they’re looking to give you a little boost to make you feel better so you can feel good about your performance.

Everybody knows that a confident person in the sack is a good person in the sack. By giving you that much needed confidence, you can take the “good” se’x to the next level and make it “mind blowing.”


#9 Because it feels good.

This one should be a no-brainer but it is something that has come up and needs to be addressed. Women make such noises while getting jiggy between the sheets because it feels good! It’s a response that whatever you’re doing—it’s working.

If your woman is silent in bed, then something probably needs fixing. They make these noises for you to know that they’re definitely feeling it. It’s pretty much an involuntary response to great-feeling se’x.



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